Patti Masterman

Patti Masterman Poems

1561. Everything Bears The Future 8/29/2011
1562. Fire And Dust 8/30/2011
1563. The Parenthetical Parrot 8/30/2011
1564. Papyrus Kiss 8/30/2011
1565. Tremor And Twitch 8/30/2011
1566. The Roving Eye 8/30/2011
1567. The Unwaking Sleep 9/1/2011
1568. If You Were A Gentle Lover 9/1/2011
1569. Time Wears Your Heart On Its Sleeve 9/1/2011
1570. Strange Weeds 8/29/2011
1571. Time Goes By 9/2/2011
1572. Sing The World Into Being 9/4/2011
1573. Words The Coin That I Get Paid 9/5/2011
1574. The Reader 9/5/2011
1575. The World Is Not A Dream 9/5/2011
1576. Not From Laughing 9/6/2011
1577. His Darkened Throne 9/7/2011
1578. Bend Don'T Break 9/11/2011
1579. The Sundial Of Our Being 9/11/2011
1580. Still-Life With Fly 9/11/2011
1581. St. Therese Had A Little Way 9/11/2011
1582. Bargain Basement 9/12/2011
1583. Rainbow 9/12/2011
1584. The Ones We Love Are Crueler 9/12/2011
1585. Playing With Dreams 9/14/2011
1586. The Albatross That's America 9/16/2011
1587. Conjure Spirit 9/14/2011
1588. There Is A House Inside The Heart 9/20/2011
1589. Moon Shining Over The Water 9/20/2011
1590. Time Cloisters 9/20/2011
1591. Wide Open Gates 9/21/2011
1592. I Steal The Ghosts From Others Words 9/21/2011
1593. Because He Offers All 9/21/2011
1594. The Most Precious Things 9/22/2011
1595. The Insult's Hid 9/21/2011
1596. Gadsden Rag 9/20/2011
1597. There's An Alligator In The Petunias 9/23/2011
1598. Aunt Bea Is Gone Away 9/24/2011
1599. Lost Shadow 9/24/2011
1600. When The Child Cries The Mother Suffers 9/24/2011
Best Poem of Patti Masterman

Anti-Love Poem #1

When you've loved someone,
As much as you're capable of,
Just let them go. Even better,
Don't write about them- ever.
If you must, let it be once only
And let that be as their epitaph.
Let the seasons and the wind
Sweep away the painful memories
Don't try to re-start fire from a faded puff of smoke.
And give yourself some time to recover.

If you must write thousands of lines
About what went wrong, or why,
For gods sake burn it- burn it quickly
Don't leave it lying around for others eyes to see
And for the dance line to start forming behind you:...

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The Narcissist

I have done every bad thing you could imagine; and others you could not have thought of. I have done bad and worse, many times over, not really aware of having made a choice at all.

Yes I have done a lot of bad things, but it only pains me rarely; much later than it ought to, and occasionally it keeps me from sleep, or awakens me too early, but it's not enough. Never enough to make me stop. You would think I would sense something about my life is not right. You would be wrong. I am more likel

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