Patti Masterman

Patti Masterman Poems

1641. People Always Talking 11/28/2011
1642. Sleep With The Lights On 11/28/2011
1643. Don'T Step On A Crack You'Ll Step On Jack 11/28/2011
1644. Whirlwinds Of Time 12/1/2011
1645. Darker Dreams 12/2/2011
1646. Hearts Palms And Eyes 12/3/2011
1647. Last Minute Gifts For The Dead 12/9/2011
1648. Our Soul Dances Through Life 12/9/2011
1649. To Count Loss As Gain 12/9/2011
1650. Withering Fire 12/13/2011
1651. Ghost Or Poltergeist 12/13/2011
1652. Agonal Living 12/13/2011
1653. The Blood Of Your Sigh 12/17/2011
1654. The Whippoorwill - Pantoum 12/19/2011
1655. Nullpunktsenergie 12/19/2011
1656. Dreaming Up Heavens In The Night-Opened Sky 12/19/2011
1657. Leaving The Beloved And Loving The Beleaguered 12/6/2011
1658. Silence Alone 12/9/2011
1659. What A World 12/21/2011
1660. Upright Lands 12/27/2011
1661. Anthropomorphism; Or Death Of A Doll 12/28/2011
1662. Humorless 12/30/2011
1663. Another Day 1/1/2012
1664. Sing Little Sparrow 1/1/2012
1665. Hide In A Thousand Secret Places 1/3/2012
1666. The Patient Was Diagnosed Already Dead 1/3/2012
1667. Sante 1/2/2012
1668. In The End 1/2/2012
1669. Moonlit Pathways 1/5/2012
1670. From Toe To Head 1/8/2012
1671. Be My Everything 1/16/2012
1672. Oxidative Stress 1/16/2012
1673. Stay On The Cusp 1/16/2012
1674. All We Were Could Not Fit In A Name 1/16/2012
1675. Splendor Solis 1/18/2012
1676. The Angel Of The Soul 1/21/2012
1677. If Beauty Had Never Existed 1/21/2012
1678. Wishing Well 1/23/2012
1679. An Oceans Forfeit 1/23/2012
1680. Vanity Will Dress When Other Clothes Fade Away 1/23/2012
Best Poem of Patti Masterman

Anti-Love Poem #1

When you've loved someone,
As much as you're capable of,
Just let them go. Even better,
Don't write about them- ever.
If you must, let it be once only
And let that be as their epitaph.
Let the seasons and the wind
Sweep away the painful memories
Don't try to re-start fire from a faded puff of smoke.
And give yourself some time to recover.

If you must write thousands of lines
About what went wrong, or why,
For gods sake burn it- burn it quickly
Don't leave it lying around for others eyes to see
And for the dance line to start forming behind you:...

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Anti-Love Poem #2

Ever since Romeo and Juliet
Repulsed lovers have considered suicide
As just an offshoot of unrequited love-
Even if the love was refused from the start
Or only existed as a delusion in the mind of the deluded.

I suggest that in modern life
What with plastics, antibiotics, and all this stuff
We have other options to the suicide-only impulse

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