Patti Masterman

Patti Masterman Poems

321. Reliquary 4/6/2010
322. Could I But Choose 4/6/2010
323. Don'T Bother 4/6/2010
324. Here's A Secret 4/6/2010
325. I Weigh Out The Hanging Silence 4/6/2010
326. Infinite Corridor 4/6/2010
327. My Death Waits Inside Of You 4/6/2010
328. Short Men Devastate Most, My Heart 4/6/2010
329. Six Stone Deep 4/6/2010
330. Said Flowers Blooming 4/6/2010
331. Gardens Flower In Her Blooming Breath 4/6/2010
332. Why Is It The Past Must Have A Pedigree 4/6/2010
333. Tongues And Locks 4/6/2010
334. To Ponder 4/6/2010
335. Then A Miracle Occurs 4/6/2010
336. The Velocity Of Love 4/6/2010
337. Windows Work Their Magic 4/7/2010
338. The Stars Look So Right 4/7/2010
339. Life Looms 4/7/2010
340. Imagine 4/7/2010
341. If Some Electric Joy 4/7/2010
342. The Moon Rose Plays 4/7/2010
343. Everyone Carries Their Own Legend Inside 4/7/2010
344. A Random Counterfeit Of Sweet Dreams 4/7/2010
345. Poor Lonely Orphans Of Earth 4/7/2010
346. Numberless Mandalas 4/7/2010
347. Moral Of The Story 4/7/2010
348. Lost Muse 4/7/2010
349. Love Returning 4/7/2010
350. It Goes Unheard 4/7/2010
351. I Thought I Heard You Call Me 4/7/2010
352. He Measures Out His Words, To Me 4/7/2010
353. Edible Is Love 4/7/2010
354. Deny The Air 4/7/2010
355. Before The Day My Flesh First Knew 4/7/2010
356. And So You Think 4/7/2010
357. Alternate Ending 4/7/2010
358. A Tear 4/7/2010
359. A Meditation 4/7/2010
360. Why Do Eyes Still Invisibly Follow 4/7/2010
Best Poem of Patti Masterman

Anti-Love Poem #1

When you've loved someone,
As much as you're capable of,
Just let them go. Even better,
Don't write about them- ever.
If you must, let it be once only
And let that be as their epitaph.
Let the seasons and the wind
Sweep away the painful memories
Don't try to re-start fire from a faded puff of smoke.
And give yourself some time to recover.

If you must write thousands of lines
About what went wrong, or why,
For gods sake burn it- burn it quickly
Don't leave it lying around for others eyes to see
And for the dance line to start forming behind you:...

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We Came Together

We came together at the window,
Through which, we watched the days unfold;
So is this our ending; merely syntax
At the cusp, where winds grew cold?

Did we lose that joy and wonder
That once so long ago, we'd touched;
Did mundane hours finally sunder-
Did I become for you, just crutch?

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