Paul Adolphus

Biography of Paul Adolphus

Poetry is my passion. I've been writing ever since I can remember. It's my gateway to pouring out my heart about things I feel, see, hear and think. It's makes me feel good about myself and it always cheers me up. For me there's no better way to express myself than by putting my emotions on paper. It's a great way to find a release from the pressures that I feel sometimes. Updates

Hidden Feelings

I'm trying really hard not to fall in love with you
For I Know my heart will only be broken in two
Why fool myself knowing that you and I will never be
Someone like you would never take interest in someone like me

There are times I want to tell you how I truly feel
For so long these hidden emotions I've wanted to reveal
I hold you close to my heart as a very special friend
And I'm afraid if you know the truth our friendship will end

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