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I am, therefore I write. Cannot stop writing. Play table tennis and other sports. I do prefer to write free verse but sometimes I indulge in some rhyme and metre.

Paul Butters's Works:

Featured in some 'Forward Press', Penhaligan Page (Poetry Today) and other anthologies, including a 'Spotlight Poets' (Forward Press) publication entitled 'A Storm of Perceptions' (15 poems of mine included therein) .

This century I have posted prolifically on the internet at many sites and blogs, notably " Hello Poetry com" , " VoicesNet com" and my own blogspot blog. Updates

Game Of Never

Life-Death Forgotten, Never Was;
Time, matter whirling, empty space.
Love, merely hunger, drives us on;
Self, ever lonely, rots apace.
God, faintly ruling, far away,
Sees sinful, lusty liars pray.
Vague faceless ocean,
Blackest Light;
Nothing tells us what is Right.

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