Paul Buttigieg

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Biography of Paul Buttigieg

Paul Buttigieg is the son of a Maltese migrant who was sent to Australia as a young child to escape the ravages of the 2nd World war in Europe. He grew up in Adelaide and was educated at schools in the Gilles Plains and Windsor Gardens district.
Due to family difficulties he was placed in a boy’s home and removed from his parents and family growing up with other less fortunate children, many being aboriginal, most of who came from broken homes also.
A well educated person Paul started writing poetry at the age of about 11 years but unfortunately much of his writings from his earlier years have been lost.
Paul Buttigieg has always been very passionate about the plight of the Australian Aborigines and writes aboriginal poems in an attempt to heighten awareness. He also writes passionately about other topics and is a published poet worldwide.
Paul’s poetry is used in school studies all over the world and is made freely available as long as it is for study only.

Paul Buttigieg's Works:

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Kim Jong Un

I hate you bastards in the west
Donald Trump you're just a pest
So I have built some rockets that I will test
And show you all who's the best
I'm Kim Jong Un and mad as hell
Pissed off with everyone can't you tell
And all your sanctions are just swell
Cos then you bastards have nothing to sell
Angry as I am today

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