Paul Hankewicz

Rookie (March 16,1991 / Montreal)

Paul Hankewicz Poems

1. Universe: \end.Exe 11/9/2009
2. Wilted Lavender Iris 11/9/2009
3. Unexpected Expectation 11/9/2009
4. Demented Lot 11/9/2009
5. Maybe, I Love This Feeling? ! 11/9/2009
6. Chameleons 11/9/2009
7. Going Against The Grain 11/9/2009
8. The Incomplete Poem 11/9/2009
9. Cerebration, At Liberty 11/9/2009
10. Ballad Of Unchained Thoughts 11/9/2009
11. A Melody-Less Song Entitled 'Move On' 11/9/2009
12. Dark Times At The Auction 11/9/2009
13. Gap-Filled Scrap 11/9/2009
14. Infinity 11/9/2009
15. Measurement Of Uncertainty 11/9/2009
16. Endless 11/9/2009
17. Gloom Consumes 11/9/2009
18. Dont Fight It! 11/9/2009
19. U.O.I 11/9/2009
20. 3wm 11/9/2009
21. Domino Effect 11/9/2009
22. Homicidal Doctor Subtracted By Mens Rea, Find The Difference. 12/30/2009
23. The Poem About Life 1/9/2010
24. What The F***! ! 1/9/2010
25. Ending Simple Tides 1/28/2010
26. Section 2(B) 6/23/2010
27. A World Without Jiminy Cricket 11/9/2009

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Best Poem of Paul Hankewicz

A World Without Jiminy Cricket


The unnoticed grow restless,
They acknowledge...
They are the unacknowledged

To a certain extent,
a tarnished mirror,
unable to recognize-
the person they wish to see
or be.


Only when we are blind,
will we start to see-
That no one can change.

We can't save a world,
that does not want to be saved.


When we start to realize this,
Only then we can finally grow-

Not Change.

Simply Become.

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Wilted Lavender Iris

A second doesn't go by,
Where waking from this dream
is improbable.
Reality isn't the cure for reverse insomnia;
One pedal falls, two remain.

A minute doesn't go by,
Where same and different hone
the same meaning.

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