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I am an ex-teacher (of all ages from 3 to 18) , and a member of a Poetry Workshop group - so I have to write at least once a month! You will find all kinds of poetry here, extracted from many years of writing. There are set forms and free, humorous, serious, romantic... so if you keep looking you should find something you like! I have self-published 2 books which sell locally (at least covering my expenses) , and am working towards a third. Some individual pieces have been printed in magazines and newspapers (including the Daily Mail) , I have been invited to read my work at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, and have won a couple of prizes for my poetry.

Paul Hansford's Works:

Testing a Theory Updates

Revision Of Tenses

As far as actions in the past are concerned,
if you give the matter your attention,
you will recall various tenses -
the Past Continuous, the Past Definite,
the Imperfect, the Perfect, and the Pluperfect,
which we might call the more-than-Perfect;
we need not concern ourselves at the moment
with the Past Anterior.
I, at the moment, am not concerned with the past at all,

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