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81. When Is A Painting Finished? 11/26/2011
82. Nurse In Evergreen Of Absence 10/22/2011
83. The Ghost Machine 2/8/2012
84. For Paul Celan 2/17/2012
85. Absolute Irony 2/17/2012
86. Critics 2/18/2012
87. Rwanda 1994 3/1/2012
88. She Lit Up The Candles 3/3/2012
89. The Optimistic Cucumber 4/27/2012
90. Streamlined Or Not 5/20/2012
91. The Winter Talks To The Spring 5/20/2012
92. Snow, Wind, Rain 5/20/2012
93. Oh, Poet 5/20/2012
94. Whose Life Is Worth More? 5/20/2012
95. Science Is Unscientific 5/23/2012
96. The Fuehrer Makes An Aesthetic Decision 6/1/2012
97. The Universe Writes A Poem 6/1/2012
98. A Fib Of Nothing 7/14/2012
99. Fate Hanged On A Hairbreadth 7/17/2012
100. A Haiku Of Chances 7/17/2012
101. Jazz Doctor: Milford Graves 7/21/2012
102. Summer Haiku 7/25/2012
103. Crescent Fib 7/30/2012
104. A Song Of Infinity 8/17/2012
105. Unruly Dragon In Porcelain Equilibrium 6/13/2012
106. Send-Off 8/26/2012
107. Little-Known Death Factory 8/26/2012
108. Haiku With T-Shirt 8/31/2012
109. Why The Snow Melts 10/12/2012
110. Poem For A Right Angle 10/27/2012
111. The Gift 10/28/2012
112. The Birth Of Point 11/23/2012
113. The Phantom Of Time 11/28/2012
114. Sans Title (Fib No.2) 7/5/2012
115. What Dante Told Me 12/5/2012
116. Parmenides Meets Einstein 12/6/2012
117. What Is Love? 12/22/2012
118. The Dance Sign 12/22/2012
119. Tanka About Redemption 1/5/2013
120. And She Said No To Her Lover 1/7/2013

Comments about Paul Hartal

  • Shoshana Rose Shoshana Rose (12/3/2015 7:31:00 AM)

    Hi Paul!
    Yes, I am still following you! 😄

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  • Jason Brown Jason Brown (12/17/2012 7:20:00 PM)

    Your poems and the pictures - they truly inspire me. I like your take on Zeno's paradox very much - you
    capture the frustrating nature of it perfectly!

    Jason I. Brown, Professor
    Dalhousie University

  • Womenofchina Young (11/6/2012 7:30:00 PM)

    Dear Paul Hartal,
    Thanks for sharing your poem with us. Your exquisite writing has conveyed the pain and terror of the massacre in Nanjing very vividly. It was very much admired here at our office. Would it be okay for us to post your poem on our Facebook page or Twitter, attributing and linking it to you?
    We look forward to your reply.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny from

  • Simma Lieberman (11/1/2012 7:36:00 PM)

    The poems about Anne Frank, and Sobibor were almost 3 dimensional Your poetry and art is brain and heart stimulating.

  • Anat Tour (10/30/2012 7:26:00 PM)

    In the NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW (16/10/2006) , John Cartmel-Crossley, Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts, writes:

    “For Paul Hartal the heart of poetry is the poetry of the heart, ” yet his oeuvre “transcends the realm of love and passion. His poetic sensibility balances dreamy emotion and discerning intellect, creative vision and insightful thought. His work is both serious and humorous, philosophical and surreal, formal and experimental.”

    “A very powerful poet, Paul Hartal inspires poets worldwide”, observes Tracy Repchuk, President of the Federation of Canadian Poets.

    About Paul Hartal’s LOVE POEMS: “Thought provoking verse”, by “an individual who evidently bridges the ‘two cultures’”, says Richard C. Levin, President of Yale University.

    On POSTMODERN LIGHT: “Renowned artist, poet and philosopher Paul Hartal consistently seeks the emotional core of the reader in his poetry”, writes Daniel Goldberg. However, in Postmodern Light: A Collection of Poetry, “his goal is transcendence — leaving behind the realms of love and passion for a whimsical and, at times, deadly serious journey through the realm of dreams and the intellect, through the spirit of creative vision and the potential for personal enlightenment” (Concordia University Magazine, Fall 2006) .

    Also an award-winning artist, the recipient of the Prix de Paris, in 1975 Paul Hartal published A MANIFESTO ON LYRICAL CONCEPTUALISM, a new element on the periodic table of art. “Lyco Art emphasizes the creative process as an interaction of emotion and intellect, where the passion of logic and the logic of passion are inexorably interwoven through the voyage of consciousness”.

    “This Canadian artist has ushered in a philosophy that proceeds with many layered viewpoints, an elaborate dialogue between paint and concept”, points out Elizabeth Exler in MANHATTAN ARTS (November-December 1992) .

    In MAZES FOR THE MIND (St. Martin’s Press) , renowned author Clifford A. Pickover writes: “Paul Hartal is an artist whose ideas, like his artwork, seem to span space and time.”

    In Hartal’s vision poetry and painting originate from the same primeval fountainhead of creativity. Forms are wordless verses and colors are sleeping poems on the artist’s palette, he says. The muses inspire and elevate by the same themes. The moon and the stars, for example, continue to enchant poets and artists alike. The cosmos fascinates him. For centuries, poets and artists portrayed the glories of the universe, depicted the wonders of distant travels. As a visionary artist of space exploration Space Week in 1994 invited Paul Hartal to exhibit his work at the Space Center in Houston.

Best Poem of Paul Hartal

Oranges And Grapes

Oranges and grapes refuse to grow in the cold.
Today I sing and dance, refuse to grow old.
Yet all the same, time is tyrant and ruthless,
Unfolds my wrinkling years, it is relentless.

Now and then the lots seem to be gentle and kind,
But alloyed with fate the somnambulist is blind.
Luck and fortuity might act as a soubrette,
Life spins our fate like roulette in a film set.

Still, let us drink to life, celebrate, and be glad,
Let us sing and dance today, refuse to be sad.
Oranges and grapes do not grow in the cold,
A warm wind ties ribbons to maple ...

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My Life

My life is a Corinthian acanthus leaf
On an intricately carved classic column
Enchanted pellucid palace
Silent opaque sandglass
On an amethyst shelf
Byzantine transition
From circle to sphere.

My works are gothic objects

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