Paul J. McDonald

Biography of Paul J. McDonald

Dr Paul McDonald is Course Leader for Creative and Professional Writing at the University of Wolverhampton. His critical work includes books on humour, the novels of Philip Roth, and the fiction of the industrial Midlands. His creative work includes the novels, Surviving Sting (2001) , Kiss Me Softly, Amy Turtle (2004) , and Do I Love You? (2008) . Paul’s poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies internationally. His first significant collection, The Right Suggestion, was published by Flarestack in 1999; Cinnamon Press published his most recent, Catch a Falling Tortoise, in 2007.

Paul J. McDonald's Works:

Surviving Sting (2001): Fiction From the Furnace (2002): Student Guide to Philip Roth (2003): Kiss Me Softly, Amy Turtle (2004): Loffing Matters (ed) (2006): Catch a Falling Tortoise (2007): Do I Love You? (2008) . Updates

Real Men

At eighteen the best jobs
are the ones you can do hung-over.
Cutting leather was a bad one.
The ruthless knives sliced bone.
I sobered up smartish,
but my mate Mick would say:
real men don’t need fingertips.
At thirty six he knew the ropes,
made finger-slings from pigskin:

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