Paul Jonathan Stertz Biography

I am just a simple guy from Wisconsin, however I have had the opportunity to travel the world and gain insight into many different cultures, and gain lots of interesting life experiences.

As a young man in grade school, I begrudgingly completed my English assignments-until I came across the works of Edgar Alan Poe. I was mesmerized! His poetry seemed to be speaking all of my mind. Poe is, I suppose you could say, my idol within the realm of writing. I am pleased to see that his works are given their due place of prominence on this site. You may notice that many of my poems are dark and melancholy in nature as well; not because I am trying to copycat Poe, but because they are coming from a similar type of mindset. (I am not a drug addict though-well at least not yet) I genuinely hope my writings can be enjoyed by those who read them here.

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