Paul Kemp Jr.

Rookie (Dec,19,1979 / Brainerd, MN)

Biography of Paul Kemp Jr.

Paul Kemp Jr. poet

I love fishing, hunting, archery, and camping. I also love spending time with my wife and children. I am currently working on a BA and a Masters in Exercise Science (focus on rehab) at Cal U of PA. I am a Traditional Roman Catholic and a Traditional Family Man. I love to read and write. Although I spent the first half of my childhood in Arkansas, I was raised in Minnesota and am a Minnesotan Boy through and through. I enjoy fine cigars and wines, but will never turn down a good beer. I like to consider myself a foodie and have a special affinity for Japanese cuisine and Culture. I am also a Kung Fu movie junkie and appreciate almost all forms of music. I am of Irish and German descent, fiercely brash and outspoken, brutally honest and loyal almost to a fault. Although I would like to fancy myself as a humble man, I can obviously talk about myself at length.

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