Paul Laurence Dunbar

(1872-1906 / Ohio / United States)

Paul Laurence Dunbar Quotes


    FOLKS ain't got no right to censuah othah folks about dey habits;
    Him dat giv' de squir'ls de bushtails made de bobtails fu' de rabbits.
    Him dat built de gread big mountains hollered out de little valleys,
    Him dat made de streets an' driveways wasn't shamed to make de alleys.

    We is all constructed diff'ent, d'ain't no two of us de same;
    We cain't he'p ouah likes an' dislikes, ef we'se bad we ain't to blame.
    Ef we'se good, we need n't show off, case you bet it ain't ouah doin'
    We gits in