Paul Lester Biography

'Born in Birmingham, England, Paul Lester has published some thirty booklets of poetry, beginning with A Funny Brand of Freedom (Arts Lab Press,1975) , and his paperback collections are By the Scruff Of the Neck(BMI,1995) and Going For Broke(Protean,2004) .His poetry has been broadcast on BBC Radio One and the BBC World Service.
'He has performed his poetry with a variety of musical accompaniment.A 23-track CD is available from Protean Pubs entitled The Legend Of Lester featuring work spanning over twenty-five years with musicians whose styles range from reggae and rock (Lester And The Festers) to experimental jazz (Lester And The Brew) and, most recently, electronic synthesizer effects (Lester And The Loopster) .In 2008 a 16-track album appeared, entitled My Career As A Dead Man, and a further 16-track album, Walking Through Walls, came out in 2011. Some samples of his work combining poetry and music can be located on and
'Much of his work, which includes short fiction, is available from Protean Pubs'.

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