Paul Moosberg

Rookie (6-25-82 / Texas)

Paul Moosberg Poems

41. Computers 11/29/2006
42. Breaking Photons 6/25/2006
43. Five Grouped Cubes 8/3/2006
44. Motion Of Bombs 7/11/2006
45. Good People 7/11/2006
46. Describing The “not Poem” 7/15/2006
47. Christmas Glee 12/12/2006
48. What's Before Beginning 6/16/2006
49. Cleveland Public Libraries 6/21/2006
50. The Start Of My Days 6/16/2006
51. Simply Natural Love 6/16/2006
52. What Is 3d Power? 6/16/2006
53. (left To Right) And (Top To Bottom) 5/12/2007
54. Christmas Day 12/6/2006
55. Splitting The Sparkle 6/16/2006
56. Perceptions Galore 6/16/2006
57. History Past Life 6/16/2006
58. I Try To Try 6/16/2006
59. Politics 6/16/2006
60. Congress 6/16/2006
61. Pi 6/19/2006
62. Together We'Re Alone 6/16/2006
63. Showing Him The Questions 6/16/2006
64. A Spectramatic Perception 6/16/2006
65. Mocking Of Sheep 6/16/2006
66. My Thought 6/16/2006
67. My Mind 6/16/2006
68. A Southern Turn 6/16/2006
69. Magical Days With You 6/16/2006
70. Celebrations Of Me 6/21/2006
71. Thousands Of Words 6/16/2006
72. Why Can'T I Stop Inventing? 6/16/2006
73. Hidden Truths 6/16/2006
74. My Language 6/16/2006
75. Space-Time Or Space And Time 6/16/2006
76. Absolutely Zero 6/19/2006
77. Da Vinci Complex 6/19/2006
78. My Life 6/16/2006
79. Statistically Autistic 6/16/2006
80. Socially Abnormal 6/20/2006

Comments about Paul Moosberg

  • Serge Vankevich (7/26/2019 9:01:00 PM)

    Paul, could you, please read a message I sent you. Sincerely, Serge V.

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  • Paul R. Wilson (8/23/2013 3:59:00 PM)

    I have read his entire collection and keep coming back to it still. He is an inspiration to us all. I'm sure many of us, like me, can relate to his situation. People with disabilities are discriminated against in all countries. He reminds us that England and America aren't too different after all. Thank you for some quality poetry, Paul. Keep it up.

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  • Will Barber (8/2/2006 9:00:00 PM)

    Paul Moosberg is a profoundly original poet. He accomplishes what no one else on this site (to my knowlege) has attempted - to use insights into cosmology, quantum theory, mechanics, and mathematics to stir the heart. He also has some simply heart-warming poems. His work seems to mature, and improve, with each poem that he writes.

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  • BEAU GOLDEN (6/20/2006 11:06:00 PM)

    stream of consciousness is not autism, the white static that we all have is formed into words faster in your head. Wait'll u catch yourself writing verse you thought was original TODAY only to discover you already wrote it yourself when it REALLY was original 1 or 2 years ago. hmmm. But, then, i am 40 this year, and the acid, weed, shrooms, blow, x, was all so long long ago

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  • Paul Moosberg (6/16/2006 1:48:00 PM)

    just a fool, who can't stop thinking! but it's fun, and intriging. my poems seem to calm my stupid autistic head aches. but really one could ascertain that it doesn't calm them, as it allots for my perceptions to ignore and loose focus of the perceptions of pain inside my mind.

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Best Poem of Paul Moosberg

Christmas Spirit

Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
Put in a dash of love
Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
Sing out to those you love

Christmas, Christmas, you can fill me
Up with Christmas cheer
Christmas, Christmas, you fulfill my
Spirit every year

Toss up a mash of extra magic
Toss in a batch of love
Let up the lights with random logic
Look out for sleighs above

Santa, Santa, can I have it
Please I’ve been so good
Santa, Santa, please I beg you
Please oh if you would

Get up a clash of Christmas color
Get in a catch of love
Set up...

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Autism's My

MY Autism’s a world inside of my mind
LANGUAGE in image, picture in rhyme
SPEAKING the word to which I am blind
PICTURES of echo, sounds of mime

MY impression of logic, perception aligned
THOUGHTS without thinking analyze time
LEAKING the threads, I’m falling behind
RHYME of the code or code of the rhyme

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