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41. Turn From A Desert To Watered Garden 12/30/2012
42. Hear The Cries 1/1/2013
43. It Wasn'T Easy 1/3/2013
44. Grimace Of Pain 1/5/2013
45. It Drives Me Nut 1/7/2013
46. To End In A Slur 1/12/2013
47. A Speck On One's Eye 1/13/2013
48. Do I Need The Pen 12/3/2012
49. Power In The Pen 12/4/2012
50. In Those Days 12/14/2012
51. Respect To Wadu 12/16/2012
52. Oh! There You'Re At Last 12/19/2012
53. A Lapse Of My Memory 12/21/2012
54. Is This Love I Thought Of? 1/19/2013
55. Turn Of Screws 1/31/2013
56. If It Is Really A Curse 2/2/2013
57. Face, Winter Face 2/4/2013
58. Deciphers 2/9/2013
59. My Journey Up Hill 2/11/2013
60. Life Is More Like Survival 2/12/2013
61. My Angel 2/15/2013
62. Innovative Spider 2/16/2013
63. Grandpa's Song 2/17/2013
64. Africa Beings Of Treasures 3/9/2013
65. I Lay My Care 3/10/2013
66. Rose Tree 3/14/2013
67. My Box At Lunch Tree 3/17/2013
68. Like A Slave 2/27/2013
69. Women, Language Of Women 3/1/2013
70. To My Darling 3/26/2013
71. A Talk Of Her Steps 4/1/2013
72. Would You Mind 5/7/2013
73. Inside Zomba White City Of Memories 5/9/2013
74. The One In Glasses 5/15/2013
75. Just In Arms Of Sorrow 5/20/2013
76. To My Lord I Breathe 5/22/2013
77. Word Love 5/31/2013
78. Amelia Rose At Summer Park 7/9/2013
79. The Little Things We Say 7/9/2013
80. A Seat Of You And I 7/23/2013

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Love Comes Softly

Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living
To a loving land limits by the spring

So hard to shoot the routing star
A seed of peace into roots and leaves
Comes slowly in the stream sand
In the rivulets valleys, slops of God
Going deep in loam soiled hand
Down the rivers slowly it comes

The invisible altar is meant for pottery
As God provides the step of ridged love
Falling from the sky of love
So love comes softly

If gentle ...

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My Day

Soon my day has gone
With my moon I went over it
spining around the sun
of the day
Mmmh....I loved my date

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