Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe Poems

81. A Hand Of Sands 7/23/2013
82. A Run Unto Me 7/26/2013
83. If You Are In Between 7/30/2013
84. Sweet Mango Tree 4/11/2013
85. When I Am Closer 4/26/2013
86. Darkness In The Hug 4/30/2013
87. Search Mind 8/6/2013
88. The Blessed Land 8/6/2013
89. Pillars We See 11/16/2013
90. God Can Re-Write My Days 1/28/2014
91. The Day I Went To Forgone 4/10/2014
92. A Smile At Shoprite 4/4/2013
93. The Best Gift To Give 1/27/2013
94. Butterfly In The House 12/17/2012
95. Earthquake Tears, The Spirit Cried 11/25/2012
96. Out Of Africa 11/15/2012
97. Rolling On Meanders 11/22/2012
98. Happiness Is Not Mandatory 11/11/2012
99. Rules Of Chasing Baboons 11/9/2012
100. Gideon Valley 11/14/2012
101. Our Stars Inside 11/24/2012
102. By And Low 1/16/2013
103. A Day To Remember 12/11/2012
104. Just A Smile 3/19/2013
105. Tangerine, A Sonorant Coercer 4/30/2013
106. A Flower To Kiss 11/5/2012
107. The Desperate Woman 11/7/2012
108. Lake Malawi 2/20/2013
109. Boabab Tree 12/23/2012
110. Swallow Pool 2/7/2013
111. A Never Ending Verse 11/25/2012
112. Everything In The Loo! 11/29/2012
113. I Am The Street Kid 3/4/2013
114. I Was There 11/23/2012
115. Love Comes Softly 8/2/2013

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Love Comes Softly

Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living
To a loving land limits by the spring

So hard to shoot the routing star
A seed of peace into roots and leaves
Comes slowly in the stream sand
In the rivulets valleys, slops of God
Going deep in loam soiled hand
Down the rivers slowly it comes

The invisible altar is meant for pottery
As God provides the step of ridged love
Falling from the sky of love
So love comes softly

If gentle ...

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Lulomo Peninsula

The wispy sun, slits of fumbles
landed at Lulomo

Half ways often it pierced near
below the water
And stones, rocks whitely spread
snow falling into winter

And whirl dance, mid air, circling

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