Paul Sebastian Quotes

12 November 2014

One Life to Live Only one life to live, live your life worthwhile.

13 November 2014

Fully Love, Fully Live Who does not love to excess, loves too little.

09 January 2015

Paying the Price of Work To each God has given a land buried with diamonds. But each has to dig for them in his land.

09 March 2015

Poetry When you squeeze your heart to put into words what you feel and perceive artistically, it is a poem. A good one is like a painting, it leaves impressions, some lasting lifetime!

13 March 2015

Perfect Woman From the rib of man God created wo-man for He had to create a perfect person for raising a family!

18 March 2015

Three Things That Count Three things count most in the end: Sincerity, honesty and integrity. Nothing else counts.

18 March 2015

Religion of Peace Religion must be a religion of peace, for God is Peace.

24 March 2015

Two Roads Of the two roads, a few will take the less traveled road to make new discoveries and leave a clear path for others to follow.

24 March 2015

Life is too Short Life is too short to bear grudges and hurts. There are no repeats. Better to think right, feel right and do right and be happy!

26 March 2015

Self Awareness Sometimes it is so difficult to look at oneself but others see us with truth,