Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian Quotes

  • ''Move on

    Move on. To achieve your goals, you have to stay positive, keeping focus of what is ahead of you.''
    Personal success
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  • ''The best comes to those who strive doing their best - leave the rest to God!''
    Doing your best
  • ''You have the only chance now, to change your world. Do it!''
    Getting things done.
  • ''Life is short, yet many want to die thinking about happiness!''
    Living full life
  • ''Begin the morning with a win, the rest of the day is easily won.''
    Begin positive
  • ''Political stability begets economic stability.With right leaders, right policies and racial unity, the nation prospers.''
    Politics in Malaysia.
  • ''Having plenty is not enough, but what you do with what you have for the havenots tells who you are.''
  • ''The success of any organization lies on the team of key players and not on any individual leader.''
  • ''Visualize your dream, see it already happening. Believe and do that you have to do today...the future will flower.''
  • ''Love is a feeling you keep learning - learning to love and how to love more.''

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Best Poem of Paul Sebastian

Love Is Sacrifice

At a dim-lit dining table I sat
Alone, but a lone red rose in vase, stood
My mind's lost sojourn, she read
Confused and searching, my unusual mood

Rose asked: May I ask why the look of askance?
I could help to bring relief, given a chance
Trust me, I would find you an answer
It would be pathetic to see you whither!

I asked: How do I make my life beautiful?
She whispered: It begins with you being truthful
Your spirit and heart as one, emit fragrance
Become an attractive flower, for instance
Take my fragrance with you
To give away to others ...

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Become Your Dream

Dream, for without it you are nothing
Focus not on your circumstances
For they are not real, they are passing:
Leaving seeds of benefit, as challenges.

Dream and arouse your life's passion
Conceive, recreate yourself in a vision:
Sincerely believe in what you see
Become what you ardently want to be

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