Paul Vagnarelli

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Paul Vagnarelli Quotes

  • ''There are many truths and none of them are true.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
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  • ''There is no line.......''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''I am herded into being a mere tax paying machine''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''I am just a statistic.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''Nature is boss, you not.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''The wild seems to reveal to you your possible death, what is more fulfilling and beautiful than that?''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''I am born thus I am a destroyer.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''The just lion rages in the wilds, where men roam.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''If I act in an environmentally responsible way, I am indirectly looking after you and your family.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''The future is the past.''
    Paul Vagnarelli

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Best Poem of Paul Vagnarelli

Rockets To The Moon.

We will be awoken from our slumber,

Awoken to the din of a distant thunder,

And skywards we will see,

Roaring pillars of smoke, penetrating clouds,

Obscuring the red rising sun,

An aspiration of man becomes,

A dawn of a new space age has begun,

Rockets to the moon.

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Never Mind.

Many minds manacle me,

Many minds a sea,

With your mind I ain’t free,

Your minds the bars, prison me.

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