Paul Vagnarelli

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Paul Vagnarelli Quotes

  • ''While we live in truth, we also live in a lie.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
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  • ''Rock is more flexible and fluid than god.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''The mind can go further than the frame.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''When you solve a problem, you create more problems.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''There is no country, only planet.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''Let nature be, be with nature''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''It may be attacks on social things.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''No individual belongs in, or to any category.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''Welcome to this prison, that is this current economy.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''I am a potential debtor, consumer, and taxpayer, on land that has been stolen from us and sold back to us.''
    Paul Vagnarelli

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Best Poem of Paul Vagnarelli

Rockets To The Moon.

We will be awoken from our slumber,

Awoken to the din of a distant thunder,

And skywards we will see,

Roaring pillars of smoke, penetrating clouds,

Obscuring the red rising sun,

An aspiration of man becomes,

A dawn of a new space age has begun,

Rockets to the moon.

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The Price

Raining stars from heaven.
Eyes of flame
Burning through the sky,
Rest upon the earth
Spread your mighty wings
Ablazing scorn all.

With your flaming hands
You embrace your child.

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