Paul Vagnarelli

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  • ''I have to work because land and water is taken from us and sold back to us. This occurred to us prior to, and from the day we are born. We pay the land owners to provide us an economy with a false sense of security.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
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  • ''Probably, because now phones are smart?''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''The industrial, technological and material revolution is a temporary transition for humankind.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''Paranoia digs it's own hole, and deeper.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''If you really are paying attention, you are effectively being taught.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''It is unforgivable, for now you do know what you do.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''It is unforgivable dear Earth, for now they do know what they do.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''Allocating money is not a solution, because there is debt everywhere now which need to be paid off. Better to eradicate money and debt altogether and allocate people to solve issues. United humanity, biosphere and planet.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''I reckon that some of the people in, and who wrote in the bible, they had well meaning intentions, but they paved the road to hell.''
    Paul Vagnarelli
  • ''We are limited by our senses. Our senses have been poisoned by, and not limited to, money, materialism, sugar, promoted values, roads, ideologies, frames and so on. As if they are some kind of forced sense restrictions, in order to perceive, by force, certain types of illusions of freedom.''
    Paul Vagnarelli

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Best Poem of Paul Vagnarelli

Rockets To The Moon.

We will be awoken from our slumber,

Awoken to the din of a distant thunder,

And skywards we will see,

Roaring pillars of smoke, penetrating clouds,

Obscuring the red rising sun,

An aspiration of man becomes,

A dawn of a new space age has begun,

Rockets to the moon.

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Tears Of Sap

Trunks, branches and leaves
Flowers galore
Seeds of life
Winds blowing green
The blood of the earth runs through our veins,

We were here before you
What becomes of us after?
Will we continue?

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