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I am 37 years old and have been writing poetry for many years now. Most of my poems are long and descriptive. I write from the heart with all my poems. Some of my poems are lighthearted though, such as my poem 'The Mars Bar'. I write the odd horror poem, like the poems 'Twisting Atoms' and 'Written in Blood'. I write about many other subjects too, to add interest and variety. I shall continue to post my poetry on this website. Also, my 'Spider, Spider' nursery rhyme is published on a 'Spiderzrule' website, that is frequently accessed by school children. I do hope children enjoy reading my nursery rhyme! I intend to continue writing poetry for many more years. Having had the United Press publishing house realize the worth of my hard work was very positive. I really do hope you enjoy reading my work on this website and I appreciate any comments you make. I will happily improve upon my work! If you do have any thoughts, do share them. But happy reading and I hope you're not bored!

Paula Glynn's Works:

An Entanglement Of Yarn
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Welcome To Hell
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Realm of Dreams
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The Escape Collection: A Selection Of Short Stories
Published by united p.c
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A Horror Story/Short Story/United #6
Published by united p.c
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Autumn Rain: Stories For The Broken Hearted
Published by united p.c
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Blue Candy

Dots of light scatter across the view,
From a distance I'm closer to the view.
The water moves as the boats remain silent in the view,
The screams from the park sheltered by the moon.
Blue firemen spread their heat,
The powder now a liquid with emotions to defeat.
People fire their souls as the rides end their attack,
Blue candy waiting inside them to react.

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