Paula Glynn

Veteran Poet - 1,620 Points (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Biography of Paula Glynn

I am 36 years old and have been writing poetry for a lot of years now. Most of my poems are long and descriptive. I write from the heart with all my poems. Some of my poems are lighthearted though, such as my poem 'The Mars Bar'. I write the odd horror poem, like the poems 'Twisting Atoms' and 'Written in Blood'. I write about many other subjects too, to add interest and variety. I shall continue to post my poetry on this website. Also, my 'Spider, Spider' nursery rhyme is published on a 'Spiderzrule' website, that is frequently accessed by school children. I do hope they enjoy reading my nursery rhyme! I intend to continue writing poetry for many more years. Having the United Press publishing house realize the worth of my hard work is very positive. I hope to carry on being published in anthologies for years to come. Do check out the United Press website, if you can! I really do hope you enjoy reading my work and I appreciate any comments you make. I will happily improve upon my work! If you do have any thoughts, do share them. But happy reading and I hope you're not bored!

Paula Glynn's Works:

An Entanglement Of Yarn
Published by United P.C
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Welcome To Hell
Published by
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Realm of Dreams
Published by
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The Escape Collection: A Selection Of Short Stories
Published by united p.c
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A Horror Story/Short Story/United #6
Published by united p.c
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Autumn Rain: Stories For The Broken Hearted
Published by united p.c
Available on Amazon

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Hot Pepper

I'll be your hot pepper tonight,
I shall love you,
Until the morning light.
I want to please you,
Squeeze you,
And tease you.
Take a taste of my candy,
Boy, you make me feel randy.
I hope we shall be together,
No matter the weather,
Oh, please,
Love me forever.

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