Paula Glynn

Veteran Poet - 1,723 Points (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Paula Glynn Poems

161. Brain Power: Part 2 4/1/2015
162. Coco Pop Nutritionist Part 2 4/7/2015
163. The Colour Blue: Part 2 4/7/2015
164. The Colour Pink 4/7/2015
165. My Homestead 4/27/2015
166. Blood On Your Hands Part 2 4/27/2015
167. Road To Glory Or Road To Ruin 4/27/2015
168. A.B.C 4/28/2015
169. The Golden Key 5/13/2015
170. Fabrics & Pearls 5/13/2015
171. Granny & The Jar Of Jam 6/11/2015
172. The Day The Farmer Saved His Pig's Bacon 6/11/2015
173. Scorpio Rising 8/5/2015
174. I Love My Vanity 8/12/2015
175. My Own Worst Enemy 8/12/2015
176. All The Money In The World 12/30/2015
177. The Spider Behind The Television 2/2/2016
178. Love Will Never Die 2/6/2016
179. Blessed 2/15/2016
180. The Wanton Harlot 2/15/2016
181. Dial 666 For Murder 2/15/2016
182. The Wanton Harlot: Her Story 2/16/2016
183. Something Deeper Part 2 3/14/2016
184. The Monster In The Closet 3/18/2016
185. Some People 4/10/2016
186. Those With Love, Have The Greatest Wealth 4/10/2016
187. Beware The Scorpion 4/10/2016
188. Storybook 5/24/2016
189. The Mc Donald's Worker 5/24/2016
190. Have The Guts To Go All Out: Part 2 6/13/2016
191. Brainbox Part 2 7/25/2016
192. Listening To Dolly Parton 8/11/2016
193. To A World Beyond The Computer 8/11/2016
194. If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Share Green Rushes With You 8/24/2016
195. Connection Version 2 9/19/2016
196. Those Old Witch Trials 10/11/2016
197. My Life On The Dole 11/7/2016
198. My Mother, The Stranger 12/16/2016
199. I Don't Want To Be Ugly Like You 1/5/2017
200. The Children Of Aleppo 1/11/2017

Comments about Paula Glynn

  • Subhas Chandra Chakra Subhas Chandra Chakra (9/27/2017 10:42:00 AM)

    Your creativity, depth of knowledge and passion for science is amazing and fascinating.
    Please keep writing daily, so that many a people like us CAN BENEFIT FROM YOUR POEMS, who have left their university days scores ago.
    Thanks dear poet

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  • Michael Gamble (10/4/2014 11:05:00 AM)

    Attention Paula! I have been coming the internet and have found some breath taking images of birds of prey and I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a poem specifically for the illustration that I am thinking of creating?

  • Michael Gamble (9/13/2014 6:15:00 AM)

    Today myself, Julia and Michael, one of Paula's good friends, have been reading a few of Paula's great writings from 'The Escape Collection' and wow! We thought they were supersonic, magnificent and very colourful and written in a way which makes one hunger to read more. As visual artists, we have spent the last couple of hours, researching images which have been inspired from reading Paula's works. We are very excited to create amazing artwork to accompany some of Ms. Glynn's literary masterpieces. Keep up the excellent work Paula Glynn! ! ! We can't wait to read your next adventures. Why write about the African jungle when you've got plenty of jungle around you! lol x

  • Dela Bobobee Dela Bobobee (6/27/2010 10:58:00 AM)

    This is an example of a very good descriptive power of creative writing at its very best. It paints a very vivid picture of the grim prospect of hopelessness on the chaotic canvas of absurdidities found in existentialist school of literary thoughts.

    But I wonder if there is no iota of ironic twist as an underlying factor to juxtapose hopelessness with the undertone of the inbuilt power of the human spirit known for its propensity as a bundle of possibilities. When the lord Jesus Christ was born, the pessimistic question was - 'Can anything good come out of Israel? ' But today, you and I know the answer to that question.

    I really enjoyed this very touching poem, and I wish the writer could write more. I crave to know the rest of the character's grim story. Surely that could not be the end, for there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel for every reawakened human spirit. I urge this writer to try her hands on short stories or possibly a novel. She has convinced me beyond every reasonable doubt that she can clinch a Booker Prize with her mastery of the descriptive intricacies of the human nature. Pls take a cue.

Best Poem of Paula Glynn

A Poor Girl In A Poor Town

Everyday is the same in her home town,
She is just a poor girl in a poor town,
Always skipping school and barely skimming by,
It seems she has no ambitions,
But she knows the truth:
She will never be rich or famous,
No matter her qualifications,
She tries to see hope but just feels fear,
Because all roads lead nowhere,
Even with the radio station playing all her favourite songs,
But her life is no song,
Her mother ditched her a long time ago,
And her father is just her father,
There's nothing special about either of her parents,
And deep ...

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On Repeat

We seem to be going around in circles,
Like a record on repeat,
The same old day plays out,
The same old situation is heavy,
And you hold all the cards,
With that trickery you do so well,
So much so,
That I'm lost in the maze,
And under your hypnotic spell,

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