Paula TH

Rookie (In May, in the late 60's Flower baby.)

Biography of Paula TH

Usually quiet but fine observer of the absurd.
Using photographic memory I have had through life to put in a medium to release the things I have seen, felt, dealt, heard. If there was anything that happened it was not my fault period. It was something a person did. There could be something about me people do not like. It could be because I do speak bluntly. I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So what ever it is that you read. Is it you? Is it them? Are the dark area's you? Are the fun poems you? You know who you are. Updates

All That I Need

All that I need, I made for myself.
I never asked for anyone to help.
Considering all that I have seen.
I looked over the bad and tried to stay away from the sad, but if the sad keep calling me, I can't turn my head.
I help the sad if they ask because I don't want to see in the obits that they are dead. I have always been a friend and I will be until the very end.
If you cross me though, I give you three strikes and then your out.
Do on to others as they do on to you.
You can figure that

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