Pauline Frederick

Biography of Pauline Frederick

Pauline Frederick (August 12, 1883 — September 19, 1938) was a leading Broadway actress who later became known for her motion picture work.

Pauline Frederick was born Beatrice Pauline Libby in 1883. In the Massachusetts Vital Records, she is registered as Pauline Beatrice Libbey, born August 12, 1883 to Richard O and Etta E Libby. “My birthday is – or rather was, for I have had my last – August 12,” she later stated in an interview in Motion Picture Magazine (December 1918). “On that date, according to records, I joined the other little beans in Boston. I had four nationalities from which to choose my temperament – first my good old United States; second my mother’s ancestors, who were Scotch; and third, my father’s who were French and English. Such a combination I realized beforehand would be essential to the making of a picture star and acted accordingly.” She was an established stage actor when she made her first film in 1915. She made her last film in 1937. The following year, she died of complications from asthma and was cremated.

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