Pauline Levesque

Pauline Levesque Poems

1. The Clock 4/20/2009
2. Visions Of Ecstasy 4/22/2009
3. Turmoil 4/23/2009
4. Too Much Noise 4/23/2009
5. Not Very Good 5/5/2009
6. To Love Her 5/12/2009
7. Sad 5/15/2009
8. A Note To My Love 5/19/2009
9. Too Much 5/19/2009
10. Reaching 5/19/2009
11. No More Tears 5/21/2009
12. Alone In Solitude 6/11/2009
13. I Dream Of You 6/11/2009
14. The Abuser 7/9/2009
15. The Lesbian Shuffle 7/23/2009
16. Questions To The Universe 8/20/2009
17. The Fall 8/27/2009
18. Shadow Please! 9/10/2009
19. Goodbye 10/22/2009
20. The Weekend 4/22/2009
21. Walking The Halls 4/22/2009
22. Silk And Sandpaper 11/17/2009
23. It Is Wrong 11/30/2009
24. A Love Note 1/30/2014
25. The Thunder Whispers 8/13/2015
26. Remembering Love 9/12/2015
27. The Black Dog 1/30/2014
28. She's An Enigma 11/4/2009
29. I Know Nothing Of Love 5/6/2009
30. Do You See Me? 4/22/2009
31. The Moment 4/23/2009
32. I Know 12/5/2015
33. Familiar 1/30/2014
34. Broken Heart 4/20/2009
35. Land Of Dreams 4/21/2009
Best Poem of Pauline Levesque

Broken Heart

You asked me if I knew what I had done
How I pushed the knife deep and cut your heart wide open....
to bleed...
pieces of your broken heart falling to the floor.

You asked if I knew the pain I had caused,
that your heart ached and your chest hurt from my knife wound
that you couldn't breathe without pain.

You asked that I not do this again
what were you thinking, how could you do this to the woman you love?
I fall to the floor in my anguish and panic trying to put the pieces back together...
they fall from my hands as I weep....
For I had caused ...

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Visions Of Ecstasy

I miss how you respond to my touch,
how you feel under my hands,
when I caress your body, you move like a lazy sea, always reaching for the shore.
When my fingers move inside your warmth, there is a heat that sucks me in.
your kisses take me away, to Paris, to Venezuela to exotic places in my heart.
My are the one who reaches in passing all the barriers, all the walls and touches my child of innocence..of a time when I was brave and fearless, when there was no room for pain an

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