Pauline McVicar

Rookie (31/05/1985 / Denny)

Biography of Pauline McVicar

my writing is mainly as a mental escape. I tend to just sit pen in hand and things come out. There is one peom i wrote that I love and sometimes I barely believe I wrote but ive the barely legible scribble to prove it. Its the one called Lost Moments, have a read and please leave comments Updates

Lost Moments

My chance, our dance. The smell of your hair.
One night, just right. Only us there.
Two people, no music. Darkness all around.
Lights are bright, hands held tight. We cant hear a sound.
The rain pours and doors close. Yet still we dance.
Slow steps, quick breath. This is our last chance.

I stand up, I step back. Your smile so sweet.
Outside the sun shines on the bustling street.

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