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In calmness i sit beside you content to be by your side.

Smiles, laughter, oh what a good day!

Morning, Noon And Night.

As the cock crows with excitement,
And the morning breeze gently blows,
I arise with you on my mind.
Minutes and hours pass by but never do i tire to hold you dear in my heart.

Sweet Love

When emptiness surrounds us,
We seek each other in thoughts, dreams and hearts,
But deep is the emptiness,
Our souls seek more.


He looks at me tenderly,
With a voice so calm he addresses me,
He calls me queen.

The Garden

I'm the soil that you rain on; your sweet fragranced milky rain.

Your milk meets my honey and flows deep into the depths of my womanhood.

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16 November 2016

Education is not the true measure of intelligence.

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