Penelope Przekop

Biography of Penelope Przekop

Penelope Przekop (Prez-cop) is a figurative expressionist American painter who spent the first half of her adult life writing fiction, and then began painting in 2008. She is the author of five books, including four novels. Her art often includes a strong sense of character and story. Her primary subject is the complexity of women.

Galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, California, Louisiana, Italy, and Central America have represented and shown her work. It has been acquired by two Italian museums.

Before beginning to write fiction at age 25, Penelope wrote poetry. She began writing poetry at 12 years old after reading an inspirational poetry booklet that arrived in the mail.

Penelope Przekop's Works:

Please Love Me
Six Sigma for Business Excellence Updates

Woman In Blue

Ordinary morning, distant alarm and coffee coming
children waking, meandering bacon smell
authentic adults draping shirts and skirts, easily chosen
blue memories weave round my brain
aching for forgiveness
I wear their retrospection, a tight, burning crown
queen of nothing, who fought her way
out, forfeiting too much
salvation and damage, smoldering comfort

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