Perdita Young

Gold Star - 9,616 Points [Petite(Ning Hsinerh)]

Perdita Young Poems

1. Sand Of Silk-Washing Stream(Huàn Xī Shā) 2/26/2018
2. A Close-Up Scene[qī Jué] 2/26/2018
3. A Mock Of The Moth (Qī Lǜ) 2/27/2018
4. Mooring(Bilingual) 2/27/2018
5. Late Autumn Sentiment(Sū Mù Zhē) 2/28/2018
6. Upon Reading "Romance Of The Western Bower" 2/27/2018
7. Dreamy Seaside(Bilingual) 2/28/2018
8. Vista Outside The Window(Ci Poetry) 2/28/2018
9. Drizzle In Slanting Wind(Bilingual) 2/28/2018
10. Night Thought 2/28/2018
11. Love At First Sight 2/28/2018
12. A Smile(Bilingual) 2/28/2018
13. He Died In Terrible Disgrace 2/28/2018
14. Awaiting Spring([jué Jù]) 3/1/2018
15. Recommended For Garden Growth 3/1/2018
16. Wishes In Spring 3/1/2018
17. A Wayfarer's Mood[qī Jué] 3/1/2018
18. A Prelude(Bilingual) 3/1/2018
19. Shade 3/1/2018
20. Sir, I Have Some Fear(Letter) 2/28/2018
21. Heavenly Music(Zhè Gū Tiān) 3/2/2018
22. Again 3/2/2018
23. To- 3/2/2018
24. Late Bloom(Bilingual) 3/2/2018
25. A Lone Delight(Bilingual) 3/2/2018
26. Spring Begins(Bilingual) 3/3/2018
27. Spring Rolls 3/3/2018
28. Tune In 3/3/2018
29. Pods Of Poetry 3/3/2018
30. The Ginkgo Tree 3/8/2018
31. Enchanting Dimples 3/8/2018
32. The Grand Garden Of Poetry 3/8/2018
33. Hsiao-Dai My Black Cat 3/8/2018
34. Dream Shadows In Abc 3/8/2018
35. Misspent Life 3/8/2018
36. The Lack Of Modern Bliss 3/8/2018
37. Sonnet: Is This The Way 3/8/2018
38. Petite (Acrostic) 3/8/2018
39. To Emma(Acrostic) 3/8/2018
40. A Poetess' Name (Acrostic) 3/8/2018

Comments about Perdita Young

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/14/2018 1:21:00 AM)

    Perdita Young - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

    Positive perspective she reflects,
    Elaboration she does with vision,
    Respected poetess of modern age,
    Decision making quality is very high,
    Intelligent poetess she is of curse,
    Teaching values of humanity she wins,
    Astounding personality she is truly.

    0 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/14/2018 1:20:00 AM)

    Yielding many poems she motivates,
    Outstanding poems she presents for all,
    Universality is achieved by perseverance,
    Noble and notable legendary lady she is,
    Gratitude she has within generous mind.

    © Kumarmani Mahakul,14 September 2018. All rights reserved.

Best Poem of Perdita Young

April's Fooling Snow

April brings the snow,
Makes many hearts glow.
What a fuss folks make,
Like gales in circles blow.

The Gluttons are to eat "Hot Pot"s,
The vain are to flaunt wealth in minks.
The smug will take selfies("Moments"to share) ,
The sentimental will write lines(bubbles to air):

The single hope to find one to walk with,
The romantic hope to become snow-smith;
Busy bodies will go for snowball fight,
The Lovey-dovey will walk their hair white!

The snowfall is surely good, as always,
But city people here, they easily ...

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Over Waterloo Relics

The green grass grows, 'tis scenery everywhere,
Underneath are soldiers fallen century's fertilizer.
The gallant heroes of bygone days now mere clay,
No names carved, and long blown far and away.

Armored was Napoleon, with fame but no fortune,
The man battle-wise,wet-winged in a June foreign.
Martyrs buried, servants of his ambition aglow,
Though heroes brave, they did make a great show.

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