Perfect Fool

Rookie (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

Perfect Fool Poems

1. All This Time 8/31/2005
2. Alone 8/31/2005
3. Heart Over Mind 8/31/2005
4. If She Resists 8/31/2005
5. Be My Sanity 8/31/2005
6. Looking Pretty On A Sunday 8/31/2005
7. No Sounds 8/31/2005
8. Paint Me Black 8/31/2005
9. Saving My Life 8/31/2005
10. Shadow's Eyes 8/31/2005
11. Softly Fading In And Out 8/31/2005
12. The Corner 8/31/2005
13. They Are Not Dreams 8/31/2005
14. Tiny Little Butterflies 8/31/2005
15. Unrelieved 8/31/2005
16. While I'M Sleeping 8/31/2005
17. Your Shadow 8/31/2005
18. A Girl, Misunderstood 8/31/2005
19. A Thought Pattern 8/31/2005
20. For The Sake Of A Memory 1/9/2007
21. I'M Not Saying Sorry 1/9/2007
22. Learning How To Cut Love 1/9/2007
23. Moonlight 1/9/2007
24. No More Painkillers 1/9/2007
25. Sweet Rush 1/9/2007
26. You Tear Me Apart 1/9/2007
27. Happy Black 8/31/2005
28. Drawn Across Milk White 8/31/2005
29. End Of The Day 8/31/2005
30. Incense Stick 8/31/2005
31. Innocence 8/31/2005
32. I Don'T Need You Anymore 8/31/2005
33. Entwined 8/31/2005
34. Firebird 8/31/2005
35. Razor Blade Sheets 1/9/2007
36. Liquid Violence 8/31/2005
37. Cry Myself To Sleep 8/31/2005
38. Circles Round The Moon 8/31/2005
39. I Am Not Made 8/31/2005

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Best Poem of Perfect Fool

I Am Not Made

I am not made for this
I’m not strong enough
I’ve often wondered late at night
What it’s like to stop
What it’s like to have the world stop
Stop right under my feet
And start turning the other way instead

Maybe if I don’t think
Some strength will return
Maybe I could push the world around
Spin it on the tip of my finger
Get it moving again
At my pace
Let it beat in time with my heart

I think I need some strength
Just until I’m alive enough
To start living again
To start turning again
I could find someone to be my world
Someone to...

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Come on, walk towards that light you see
At the end of the tunnel wait for me
I’ll be there soon, when I break free
From this world that’s holding me

This life that lasts beyond its time
Hold on, my friend I’m leaving mine
Its time to go, to say goodbye
Time to leave this pain behind

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