Peri Jamaisvous

Biography of Peri Jamaisvous

Born in Apia, Western Samoa. Come from a very big loving family with a strong tribal leadership of beliefs and culture background. I was educated in the finest private catholic all girls school in Auckland, New Zealand.

She continued my studies in Auckland at a Business Academy School and a Pacific Island Resource Center I furthered my studies in New South Wales, Sydney Australia, where I am residing right now.

Now a I am the owner of Perinisese Brandz, She also a fashion designer with a splash of her culture and a mix backgrounds, of Samoa, Chinese, German, and speak many language including french, as well as her tribal language.

She have accomplish many things in life, as an artist and describe herself as a Goddess of the South Pacific Ocean. She expressed and proved glorious fusions of two different worlds, bringing a special honor and uniquely personal glamour to both spectrums. While growing graciously into a European ways of royalty, and remained a true child of the South Pacific.

She quoted: I am the author of my life and also a poet, motivator and a inspirational writer. I also designs clothing, and paint. I paint from my heart mind and soul, without a sketching or outlining of what I am painting. I love to paint with oil paint personally I think painting should, not only be seen but felt. My details I put on the canvas is about, my life’s and its many blessings of talents and my passions…

I think of my combinations of being a fashion designer, writer, poet and painter, blends in quiet well…I am adventurous and like to have some risk in life.I think it makes my life more interesting. I truly believed in God as my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for without him I would not know who I am. He is my platform and footing on this earth.

Im inspire to write is when I think of words of importance. The parts of our human life to express our thoughts and feeling to others, as we explore where our minds could take us in every aspect of life.

I always had it in me to write but I just recently was energized by a great poet, the one and only, Deon Ballard. He had encourage and strengthen me to rekindle my muse of romance and exotic poetry. Inspirations to encourage and motivate others in their daily walk of life also became my motives when I read his poetry. Updates


Love Is Immortality, A Immortal Kiss

He was a tigerwolf, fangs sharpen in darkness
She was a vampire, unique with desires
Hunger with fire
She lay in a deep sleep
in her bed, surrounded in sheep furs,
silks and laces, honoring her virgin sacred places
She was awaken by his howling in the moonlight

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