Perry Biggerstaff

Veteran Poet - 1,172 Points (Illinois)

Perry Biggerstaff Poems

1. Where Was The Guard At Hearts Gate 3/11/2012
2. I'll Be There 4/17/2012
3. At Waters Edge 6/12/2012
4. Beneath The Shadow Of The Cross 7/24/2012
5. The Imperfections Of Me 9/26/2012
6. While My Love Sleeps 10/1/2013
7. Far Too Long 4/27/2014
8. 22 8/9/2016
9. Memory Lane (The Accused) 4/25/2017
10. Perspective 1/2/2012
11. I Dont Need To Understand 1/2/2012
12. I Am Third 12/18/2014
13. Milestone 8/17/2016
14. Holding On Letting Go 3/5/2016
15. I Know Destiny 1/14/2014
16. The Survivor 9/8/2015
17. So Much More 2/14/2015
18. Let Him Go 6/17/2013
19. More Than She May Ever Know 4/8/2015
20. Just Beyond These Walls 9/8/2015
21. Reflecting 5/1/2016
22. Not Just Tonight 12/2/2015
23. The Road Unknown 11/26/2013
24. I See God In You 9/26/2013
25. Truth 3/19/2012
26. If This Be Love 9/12/2012
27. A Different You 6/25/2015
28. My Daughter...My Rose 3/26/2014
29. Growing Old Together 3/23/2012
Best Poem of Perry Biggerstaff

Growing Old Together

To be like them who all would envy
To know a love that snared two hearts
To feel that love while in their presence
To wonder how such true love starts

To hear it in in their conversation
To catch it when their voices rise
To see it in her softest gesture
and in the twinkle of his eyes

To see them slowly walk together
To see him reach out for her hand
A habit born from years of caring
Is more than most can understand

To see two lives so wrapped together
Two hearts merged and so aligned
Where thoughts are shared before they're spoken
When ...

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At Waters Edge

At waters edge we dared the night,
to hold the moment, never end.
To hold back dawns encroaching light,
and count each second...saviour..friend.

We lay upon the grassy slope,
the stars looked down in jealousy.
Of what was starting...passion? ...hope?
or of what they thought was meant to be.

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