Pete Crowther Poems

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A Spell To Catch A Rat

Come dear rat, gnawer of wood,
Come dear rat, hungry for food.

Come leave your home under the floor,

A Registered Vegetarian

At the tender age of twelve
my daughter, bless her,
was registered as a vegetarian.
She was duly accredited

A Lottery Prayer

St. Abune Teklehaimanot, I pray
You help me win the Lottery today.
I beseech, entreat and beg
You who stood upon one leg

True Love (Trans. A.S. Pushkin)

I loved you and that love perhaps,
Still lingers somewhere in my heart;
But do not let it trouble you;
I would not wish to grieve you now.

Weather Forecast

The weather girl
Is a priceless pearl.
Chic and smart,
She has the art

In The Hospital Waiting Room

Not feeling like a chat that afternoon
in the hospital waiting room, I sat
at the back in a row of empty chairs.
I didn’t have long to wait before

A Fly Haiku

As I wash my hands
The fly on the window sill
Is washing hers too.

And After Autumn Winter Comes

Soft-footed as a mother when her child’s asleep
So gentle autumn tiptoes in unseen
To take the summer’s place. We are surprised
Each year to find the nights now cool, the evenings

Time Out At The Seaside

Stepping onto the sun-warmed sand
Littered with pebbles, dried flotsam and shells,
Hearing the calls of the distant gulls,
The rhythmical breath of the breaking waves

Black Hole

A black hole is hungry,
it swallows light,
even the odd galaxy
like a hoover,