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Pete Crowther Poems

161. Night Visitations 11/1/2005
162. A Surprise Visit 11/17/2004
163. Late Summer Migrants 7/19/2005
164. Whispers In The Mind 4/20/2005
165. Avalanche 10/25/2004
166. Kelbi 7/13/2006
167. The Tagareen Shop 5/12/2006
168. Violets 10/25/2004
169. Junk Mail And Poemhunter.Com 8/24/2005
170. A Summer Storm 8/18/2006
171. Cyber Friend 1/27/2006
172. The Broken Vase (Trans. Of Sully Prudhomme) 10/25/2004
173. A Cold Day In January 1/3/2006
174. Black Hole 10/25/2004
175. Time Out At The Seaside 9/24/2006
176. And After Autumn Winter Comes 10/25/2004
177. In The Hospital Waiting Room 2/14/2006
178. Weather Forecast 2/25/2005
179. True Love (Trans. A.S. Pushkin) 10/27/2004
180. A Fly Haiku 8/6/2006
181. A Lottery Prayer 3/30/2006
182. A Registered Vegetarian 4/20/2005
183. A Spell To Catch A Rat 1/6/2005
184. A Particular Potted Plant 11/17/2004
185. Yuletide Wish 12/8/2004
186. The Care And Management Of Stick Insects 3/5/2006
187. Shut Your Eyes And Jump 4/26/2005
188. A Japanese-English Phrasebook 10/25/2004
189. A Rat In Springtime 11/17/2004
190. Exchange Of An Unsuitable Pet 10/25/2004
191. A Window Seat 4/23/2005
192. A Fly In Amber 11/17/2004
193. A Night In The Old Lighthouse 7/6/2005
194. Father And Daughter 5/21/2006
195. Cold Moons Of Winter 2/23/2006
196. A Secret Whisper 12/10/2005
197. Caring For A Dead Fish 4/5/2006
198. 2005 1/1/2005
199. A House Of Light 11/17/2004
200. A Sonnet In Memoriam For A Dead Pet 1/18/2005

Comments about Pete Crowther

  • Derek Germain (10/16/2006 1:38:00 AM)

    i'm not sure how i feel about your bons mots, but the rest of your poetry is awesome. It is unexplainable how great the poems are.

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  • Scarlett Treat (5/21/2006 10:33:00 PM)

    Pete, you are, without a doubt, one of the best pastoral poets I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Your work takes me out of myself into another world, one filled with joy of 'all things wise and wonderful, all things great and small.' Thank you for being kind enough to share your writing with me, and your insight into life as well. You are awsome, Pete.

  • Lori Boulard (1/16/2006 1:45:00 PM)

    Peter, I just want to let you know that whenever I feel like traveling, I end up among your poems. Each one is a little trip somewhere interesting, often pastoral, and always worth visiting. Thank you for them!

  • Amanda Lukas (12/12/2005 1:23:00 PM)

    Always refreshing to read your work, Peter. You have a wonderfully descriptive nature! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading new poems!

  • Louise Marie Delsanto (11/11/2005 10:55:00 PM)

    Thank you so much for reading me..Your poetry is quite beautiful..and you do have a talent for creative expression yourself...a pleasure reading you...


  • Philippa Lane (8/4/2005 1:38:00 AM)

    I do think you are an especially gifted poet. You capture precious moments in your life; much as you capture your precious moths - with design, passion and dedication to the job at hand. You make something ordinary, extraordinarily beautiful. Your titles are wonderful, and throughout each poem runs a vein of simplicity which, it seems to me, comes from a deep reverence for life.

  • Michael Tonkin (2/21/2005 8:42:00 AM)

    I am slowly making my way through your poems, and they all have something to say to me.
    I like 'A Fly In Amber' especially, I like the way it has existed from whenever and has seen all these wonderful moments.
    Anyone who knows what Eocene means deserves a medal, I had to look it up.

  • Michael Shepherd (2/12/2005 5:44:00 AM)

    Eat your heart out, Hallmark Cards! Hearty congratulations, Peter.

Best Poem of Pete Crowther

A Biker's Funeral

(In memory of Stephen (Reggie) Pearce
of Kilnsea,1980–2005)

The wind blows cold through the churchyard trees
and sadly tolls the passing bell
as mourners shuffle up the leaf-strewn
narrow path between the leaning stones.

He was just twenty-five, so young,
so full of life, and love of life
and laughter — killed outright one night
in a head-on crash on his motorbike.

From far and wide we’ve gathered here
to pay respect to our young friend.
I’ve never seen the church so full,
oh death, how can you be so cruel?

Who will forget this ...

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A Secret Whisper

I rarely go by bus but when I do
For safety’s sake I choose a seat well back.
Today the bus was crowded like a zoo,
My seat companion wore a plastic mac,
He looked quite foreign, dark, and rather nervous.
To break the ice I said “It’s very warm”,
He rolled his eyes and said that God would save us,
Began to rant and wildly wave his arm.
I looked around but no-one seemed to notice,

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