Peter Cloutier

Rookie (Decmber 17th,1990 - Present / Canada)

Biography of Peter Cloutier

**16 years of age**
**1 brother and 1 sister**
**Live in Canada, born in Quebec, live in Nova Scotia**
**Alomost joined a gang before my friend robbed me**
**Live in a trailer park, which isn't that bad, yet isn't good** Updates


Death is immortal...
It slowly eats away at you like a plague,
dissolving all that is good like acid.
From the moment you open your eyes you're nailed with a tag,
it dares not to nag as it has already marked you.
Staulks you wherever you go,
fading out of sight whenever you turn to see,
whether somethings been following you and what it would be.

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