Peter Generazio

Rookie (08/27/1952 / Framingham, MA 01701)

Biography of Peter Generazio

I've been in the construction business for over 30 years constructing residential homes, commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, and restaraunts. I currently do remodeling because of the economy. I have gone through a few tough periods of my life, and I let the grace of God in my life and I changed for the better. I am divorced with 3 daughters, and 5 grandchildren. I am engaged to a wonderful woman named Natalie, and she has 3 children. I in college and the twins are in High School. I wrote my first poem Paradise when I was in Hawaii I would go to this one spot to watch the sun rise and prey. Updates


Thank you oh Lord for this day.
Another day of sobriety.
I'm so grateful to you for showing me the way.
You have changed my life, and let beautiful people in;
I have been different through the years.
I am choked up with gratitude, in which i don't know where to begin.
By surrendering, and through a lot of tears,
I try to pass along the gift you have given to me.
I was taught that the gift is in the giving,

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