Peter Lungile Chidothe

Peter Lungile Chidothe Poems

1. From The Window Pane 7/15/2015
2. Kisses In The Night 7/15/2015
3. Love 7/15/2015
4. Blue Moon 7/17/2015
5. Heart Beat 7/17/2015
6. Wounded Soldier 8/2/2015
7. Thanks For The Love 8/2/2015
8. Dear Alice 9/21/2015
9. Whirlwind 11/5/2015
10. Old River 1/6/2016
11. In The First Place 1/6/2016
12. For One Whou Could Have Been My Brother 1/6/2016
13. Gravity 1/14/2016
14. Candle Light 1/27/2016
15. Back To Then 2/4/2016
16. Music In Me 2/17/2016
17. Hail The Captain! 4/25/2016
18. This Freedom 2/26/2017
19. Melancholy 2/26/2017
20. Music Of The Sun 2/26/2017
21. Silence 2/26/2017
22. Dancing Hearts 2/26/2017
23. Speak, My Pen Speak 2/26/2017
Best Poem of Peter Lungile Chidothe

Speak, My Pen Speak

When my voice dies
Speak, my pen speak
When my hands fail to pull the strings
Speak, my pen speak
Let the ink flow and bring out the shabbiness proclaiming justice
Let it liberate the enslaved mind and soul,
let it sing wisdom and love
Let it wail when I fail to stand for the truth,
the poor, the oppressed, and the needy, and the slaves,
please stand up and speak for me, my pen speak!

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Blue Moon

It is once in a blue moon
I see a blue moon
When am in the snow
When it is snowing
Or in the rain
When it is raining
Or out in the cold
When it is cold
Or enyoying summer
When it's summer

It is once in a blue moon
I see a blue moon
When it is blue

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