Peter Madden

Rookie [Pelequin] (23/3/72 / Manchester)

Biography of Peter Madden

i was Born in the dark ages of 1972 when fashion was scarier than the films of the day, i developed a taste for the weird and unusual at a very young age when i was given at the ripe old age of four a book of hieronymus bosch pictures which used to keep me amused for hours! , shortly later my sister gave me my first book of poetry T.S. Elliots book of practical cats as she had just been made head wardrobe mistress on a new musical in london based it called cats, i loved that book and went onto other things strange and wonderfull and developed a taste for nature, archeaology, history, fantasy novels and collecting pocket watches and keys....
these days im a Published poet, amateur photographer and swords salesman, the creator of the zombie defense league uk, live action role player, founder of the church of garfield and all round general eccentric geek :)

Peter Madden's Works:

im in the following books

hope springs a turtle...rainbow reed
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (20 Mar 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 148103913X
ISBN-13: 978-1481039130

Forward Poetry Regionals 2011 - A World Of Words - ISBN 9781844185856

A Clock Strikes Thirteen - 9781844185986

Aspects Of Love - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186013

Fear Itself - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186020

Virtue Or Vice - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186037

Poetry Rivals' Collection 2012 - Between The Lines - 9781844186211

Whispers In The Breeze - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186280

Into The Shadows - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186327

End Of Days - A Collection Of Poetry - 9781844186341 Updates

My Crime

i walk the streets...
my face a parody of normality..
the reality is im a prisoner...
screaming within this tainted shell...
restrained by my relentless fears..
that twist my perceptions...

every person i see is not themselves...
but instead appear to me as monsters..

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