Peter Madden

Rookie [Pelequin] (23/3/72 / Manchester)

Peter Madden Poems

41. The Asylum 9/19/2013
42. The Path 9/19/2013
43. Moonlight 9/19/2013
44. The Faces Within The Flames 9/19/2013
45. Falling 9/19/2013
46. Redemption 9/19/2013
47. Regrets Of A Fallen Soul 9/19/2013
48. Yet Still I Dream 9/19/2013
49. A Walk In The Dark 9/19/2013
50. Leave Me Not This Night Alone 9/19/2013
51. I Am Not Bound By These Walls 10/3/2013
52. We Must Learn 10/26/2013
53. The Graveyard 10/26/2013
54. Change 9/19/2013
55. I Want To Go Where Dragons Fly 9/19/2013
56. Haunted 9/19/2013
57. Morningstar 9/19/2013
58. The Devil And God Went Walking 9/19/2013
59. I Hear The Screams 9/19/2013
60. Rainbow 9/19/2013
61. The Grandfather Clock 9/19/2013
62. Fallen Kingdom 9/19/2013
63. A Night In A Haunted House 9/19/2013
Best Poem of Peter Madden

A Night In A Haunted House

I sit alone in the dark...
the clock ticking behind me upon the wall...
its sound breaking the suffocating silence only just...
like the beating of times relentless heart..
and marking the long hours till i see the dawn...

the dark beyond my candle light seems almost alive...
filled with overactive imagination and unfounded fears....
conjoured monsters of childhood nightmares...
return to bring their vengence for being forgotten...
and in the dark the child inside screams in the night...

i sit alone mastering my fears in the ...

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The pain i feel from my wounds hurts not,
when compared to the pain in my soul...
To be cast from my father, my creator, my reason to be...
To be cast down amoungst the savages who doubt his very existance..
with only dispair to keep me company i gaze up into the sky
and the rain upon my face falls like tears......

I am fallen, wings burnt and charred, never to see again the glories of the divine....

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