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Peter Mamara Poems

121. Cupid The Butler 3/24/2017
122. So Delicate 3/24/2017
123. Sonnets 3/24/2017
124. The Forest's Commotion 3/24/2017
125. Withered Leaf 3/24/2017
126. Separation 3/26/2017
127. Oh, Mother 3/26/2017
128. The Glove 3/26/2017
129. To My Friend F.I. 3/26/2017
130. Seeing You Again 3/26/2017
131. My Love Is Gone 3/26/2017
132. A Wish 3/26/2017
133. The Hope 3/26/2017
134. On The Hill At Dusk 3/26/2017
135. Marginal Note 3/26/2017
136. I Don't Want A Rich Tomb 3/26/2017
137. It Tolls The Midnight 3/26/2017
138. You Leave 3/26/2017
139. Like A Morning Star 3/26/2017
140. Venice 3/26/2017
141. Loving In Secret 3/27/2017
142. Elegy 3/27/2017
143. With Tomorrow, You Add Up One Day To Your Days 3/27/2017
144. Over The Treetops 3/27/2017
145. If The Years Could Pass 3/27/2017
146. From The Waves Of Time 3/27/2017
147. And If I Shall Fall Asleep 3/27/2017
148. And When I Shall Be Dust 3/27/2017
149. Diana 3/27/2017
150. Out Of The Night 3/27/2017
151. Being A Lad, I Roamed The Woods 3/27/2017
152. Kamadeva 3/27/2017
153. Why Don't You Come To Me? 3/27/2017
154. She Is Pretty 3/27/2017
155. Leda 3/27/2017
156. It Is Not A Little Star 3/27/2017
157. From A Broken Lyre 3/27/2017
158. Which One In The World Could It Be? 3/27/2017
159. What Am I Fond Of, In This World? 3/27/2017
160. Ghilgameş 4/19/2017

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    Very interesting verse.

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Best Poem of Peter Mamara

Odin And The Poet

By M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

They ask me to sing... I'm supposed to polish
My deep sadness in rhyme and in cadence —
Sweetly, like the spring moonlight
As seen in a garden in Italy at night —
And with my sweet poems I'm supposed to make any woman sigh.
How nice it could be for many men. For me, no! Not for me.
And silly young guys
With their hair curled, with a monocle on their eyes,
With cigarettes in their mouth
And with a goat beard under their teeth,
They shall recite my verses,
Which are a deep sign of true feelings,
In which they shall ...

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Fabulous Stories

by M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

Yes. The old cyclone comes out of arched cliffs and fine gates of mountains.
He spurs his horses on broad shoulders of clouds with lightning flashes,
And drives his chart that thunders in its haste.
His beard waves in the wind, like the silvery twilight.
And his pointy crown is seen on his hair
— Crown wrought from flares of red lightning and from a violet-blue star.
There is deep-roar, when the old hurricane catche

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