Peter (Prof) Fox

Rookie (10 August 1957 / Kent, England)

Peter (Prof) Fox Poems

1. Trikus 3/17/2011
2. Keep Moving To Stand Still 3/17/2011
3. Do It Right 3/17/2011
4. Do It Now 3/17/2011
5. No Future Here 3/17/2011
6. Nationalism 3/17/2011
7. Defeated Or Defiant 3/17/2011
8. Waste 3/17/2011
9. Incident 3/17/2011
10. Incident - Two Trikus 3/17/2011
11. My Talisman 3/17/2011
12. You Too Can See Through Walls 3/17/2011
13. Blushing 3/17/2011
14. Time And Place 3/17/2011
15. Alphabet Of Time 3/17/2011
16. Electric Sheep 3/17/2011
17. Valentine 3/17/2011
18. Compulsion - Or Lack Of It! 3/17/2011
19. Halloween 3/17/2011
20. Hard Times 3/17/2011
21. Star Signs 3/17/2011
22. Noise In The Night 3/17/2011
23. Futility 3/17/2011
24. Something To Die For 3/17/2011
25. Murder In 1654 - Broadsheet 3/17/2011
26. Escape From The Office 3/17/2011
27. Mallet - Mallay 3/17/2011
28. Haven Of Rest 3/17/2011
29. Shall I Compare Thee To A Lump Of Clay 3/17/2011
30. Praise To The Ploughboy 3/17/2011
31. The Broads Green Rodeo 3/17/2011
32. Betjeman's Ghost 3/17/2011
33. Everyone Helps A Beginner... 3/17/2011
34. Journey I And Ii 3/17/2011
35. I Wandered Lonely As A Clown 3/17/2011
36. Pet Hates 3/17/2011
37. Gin And Tonic In The Mess 3/17/2011
38. A Stench Of Fresh Air 3/17/2011

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Best Poem of Peter (Prof) Fox

A Stench Of Fresh Air

The populace went to the polls
It was May and their hearts were all light
They would kick out all the old crooks
The new lot would make everything right

The new lot would bring in a new broom
Said they'd be honest and care - like they do
Now I don't know how long you've been voting
But I knew it just couldn't be true

Before they could get on with their cutting
Good mates from the city were sought
To advise on new codes of banking
Who says politicians can't be brought.

Out came the knives to the quangos
Regardless of value or need.
And cut ...

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Who hollowed out the pumpkin and carved a silly face
Who scooped out all the seeds and left a glimmer in its place
The japes of Halloween are bravado cloaking fear
There's not much levity, for tonight's the reckoning of the year

All through the light of summer we strove to fill the store
Now as the dusk 's upon us there's no chance to get some more
This ancient point of crisis is the end of the peasant's work
As the Celts full well knew, the rest is down to luck

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