peter rodenby

Rookie - 48 Points (8th january 1951 / newcastle upon tyne)

Biography of peter rodenby

These poems mean a great deal to me. They span the greatest period of my life and when I read
them they stir memories and feelings that represent all that I have been. I have always considered
them the best part of me. In some respects that’s a little disturbing because if they are rubbish
and people find them so, then I must except that my life has been a failure. Some were written
when I was a teenager, some as a lover, some as married man, some as a father.Some as a retired
person beginning a new life, with a new partner in an old cottage in the country where I am
trying to become a writer. Some just for the experience, some were called “The Waiting Years”
Initially because those poems span a period from when I started the pursuit of knowledge – I
began studying for a degree with the Open University. I hoped it would bring me academic and
professional acceptance and an improvement in career prospects, more money and a better way
of life. I believed hard work, sustained study long term commitment (something I found
impossible to achieve in early life) would ultimately lead to the golden path and the prize.
Sometime ago I discovered I was wrong, it has cost a great deal more and I’m still waiting.
These poems and short meanderings are moments away from studying and work.
I now realize that I have been waiting all my life.
What have I been waiting for?
You the reader must work that out for your selves. I give you the poems you are the final judge.
Peter Rodenby
St Johns Chapel

peter rodenby's Works:

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Flash of flight
Woodpeckers have returned
I have seen them!
Last year a garden was favoured
Pecking nuts from a bird feeder
Fixed to bark
Enticing with home made fat packs
Suspended from strategic sites
Rustic arches

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