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Peter S. Quinn Poems

4201. The Earth Is Yellow 5/26/2007
4202. There Is Emptiness Inside Me (From, To Oscar) 5/26/2007
4203. Like Morning Flowers Sweet 5/26/2007
4204. Lyric To A Babe (From, Lost Song Poems) 5/26/2007
4205. On A Journey To Within (From, Lost Song Poems) 5/26/2007
4206. Poems From The North (From, Poems Of Papa Due) 5/21/2007
4207. One Thing's For Certain 5/25/2007
4208. You Got To Let Me Go 5/26/2007
4209. A Heart Full Of Love (From, The River Sings On) 5/25/2007
4210. Haiku 'Calm' 5/21/2007
4211. Haiku 'sail On Silver Waves' 5/20/2007
4212. Haiku 'The Summer's Swan Lakes' 5/20/2007
4213. Haiku 'Weaves Of Passing Time' 5/20/2007
4214. 2 Fragments (From, Longer Poems …) 5/20/2007
4215. Haiku 'On Cliff Lighthouse Stands' 5/20/2007
4216. Haiku 'sunshine Beaming Ray' 5/20/2007
4217. Haiku 'Reflecting Water' 5/19/2007
4218. Haiku 'Prosperous Maggot' 5/20/2007
4219. Haiku 'Every Sound This Makes' 5/20/2007
4220. Haiku 'spring Is Coming Here' 5/20/2007
4221. Haiku 'Wandering Night Thoughts' 5/20/2007
4222. Haiku 'Enchanting Evenings' 5/19/2007
4223. Sonnet 62, I Have Found A Way… 5/15/2007
4224. Little Birds' Sweetheart 5/3/2007
4225. Breaking The Waves (From, Rock Star) 5/8/2007
4226. There Is A New Song 5/9/2007
4227. Sorrow And Pain (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets With Poems) 5/8/2007
4228. Ebb And Flowing Daydreams (From, To Oscar) 5/8/2007
4229. Breeze Breeze You Blow (…soon To Be Published At Sheetmusic Publishing) 5/5/2007
4230. Twisted Shadows (From,134 Picture Poems) 5/3/2007
4231. I Love You So Dearly 5/3/2007
4232. Open Surreal Dreams (From,134 Picture Poems) 5/3/2007
4233. Surreal Shapes (From,134 Picture Poems) 5/3/2007
4234. Sonnet 166, The Summer Comes 5/3/2007
4235. Surprises, Surprises 4/23/2007
4236. The Bridges Of Madison County 4/23/2007
4237. Somewhere Along The Way 4/23/2007
4238. Twilights Of Summer Night 4/23/2007
4239. Loneliness' Forgotten Town 4/21/2007
4240. If You Give Someone Your Heart Truly 3/23/2007
Best Poem of Peter S. Quinn

Sad In Blue (A Lyric)

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
The night is all dark out side
Nowhere to run
Sad sad sad in blue

Into the night hold me tight
Love me babe I need some light
What's wrong and what's right
When shadows dwell and abide

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
Is there some star shoot in sight
To wish upon
For sad sad sad you

Into the night take a flight
Feelings, touch, everything out sight
Love me with feelings ok
Come come babe now closer ...

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Among Aging Trees

among stretching
aging trees

from steps
of fierce warriors

a playing garden leaf
softens the ground

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