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Peter S. Quinn Poems

4521. Freedom – Sonnet 7/23/2009
4522. Thinking Of You 9/17/2008
4523. You And I (A Lyrical Poem) 4/12/2010
4524. I Feel No Love 5/14/2013
4525. Falling In Love In September 9/15/2008
4526. Praising Your Love (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets With Poems) 5/8/2007
4527. A Love (From Shorter Poems…) 5/26/2007
4528. Goodnight 11/14/2013
4529. Never Give Up 2/4/2011
4530. Amidst My Illumes (From 134 Picture Poems) 4/25/2007
4531. Innocence And Desire (From,134 Picture Poems) 5/3/2007
4532. The Birds Of Paradise 4/23/2007
4533. When I Follow My Heart 6/9/2008
4534. A Poem For You (From, Shorter Poems…) 5/26/2007
4535. The Beautiful Outdoors 4/8/2010
4536. I Feel Colours In Poems (A Lyric) 5/21/2007
4537. Colors Colors Colors 1/7/2008
4538. Time –time – Time - Time 1/1/2008
4539. Birds Singing 10/23/2014
4540. Sunrise Sunset 2/10/2010
4541. It’s All Up To You 2/15/2009
4542. Wherever You Go I’ll Follow (From, Shorter Poems…) 5/27/2007
4543. Clouds Are Full Of Teardrops 4/23/2007
4544. Every Step In Peace And War 8/25/2007
4545. City Lights 11/15/2012
4546. Love Is Always Calling 7/9/2013
4547. There Are Only Dreams Between 1/8/2009
4548. Haiku 'Autumn Haiku' 5/18/2007
4549. Love Song (5 Haiku's) 6/15/2007
4550. I'M In Love With You 6/15/2007
4551. Happy Year 12/26/2007
4552. Like Sweet Aroma 1/6/2008
4553. I Believe In Yesterdays 1/7/2008
4554. Blackbird 4/5/2007
4555. #4 Picture Poem (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
4556. Your Name In My Name (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
4557. Singing Birds 3/7/2010
4558. Dreams To Follow 12/22/2014
4559. I Think Spring Is Coming (From, Lost Song Poems) 5/26/2007
4560. Titanic (A Love Song) 5/9/2007
Best Poem of Peter S. Quinn

Sad In Blue (A Lyric)

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
The night is all dark out side
Nowhere to run
Sad sad sad in blue

Into the night hold me tight
Love me babe I need some light
What's wrong and what's right
When shadows dwell and abide

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
Is there some star shoot in sight
To wish upon
For sad sad sad you

Into the night take a flight
Feelings, touch, everything out sight
Love me with feelings ok
Come come babe now closer ...

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All Things Must Past

All things must past what of day is here born
First it gives pleasure and then it is gone,
Like a glow from dawn's new rising pylon
Light of the day that to dark is forworn;
All what to fate is impaired and forlorn
Turning to echoes like fading carillon,
Forgot in darkness what once was of dawn
First it was merry - but now it is lorn.

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