Peter S. Quinn

Peter S. Quinn Poems

1401. I'Ll Write You A Painting Of My Desire 6/15/2007
1402. There's Music In The Air 6/15/2007
1403. We Must Not Forget You 6/15/2007
1404. Open To The Sky (Haiku) 6/15/2007
1405. Somber Somber Little Flower 6/15/2007
1406. Days Are Going While You Live 7/19/2007
1407. Never Let Me Go Away 7/19/2007
1408. That Beautiful Somewhere 7/19/2007
1409. Listen To The Songs 7/19/2007
1410. Sea Of Dreams 8/9/2007
1411. Legends 8/11/2007
1412. To The Innocence Lost 8/11/2007
1413. Sonnet, Love Is Forever 8/11/2007
1414. All Is Within 8/11/2007
1415. Summering Sun Showers 8/11/2007
1416. Sonnet, These Summer Days 8/12/2007
1417. Sonnet, Light Of Plummet Days 8/12/2007
1418. Come Write To Me Another Song 8/12/2007
1419. Sonnet, Summer Fields 8/12/2007
1420. Sonnet, Each Day Has A Song 8/13/2007
1421. With Blossoms White And Blue 8/13/2007
1422. Sonnet, Golden Brown To Red 8/13/2007
1423. Sonnet, Summer Charmed Resonance 8/16/2007
1424. Wild Drop Of Living 8/16/2007
1425. Sorrow’s Drawn 8/16/2007
1426. Billowed Breeze 8/16/2007
1427. Accidents Of Footsteps 8/18/2007
1428. First Time Is Forever 8/19/2007
1429. I Am In The Dimness 8/19/2007
1430. To These Dreams From Nowhere 8/20/2007
1431. Making Time Fast Or Alone 8/20/2007
1432. Heart Of Yearning - An Autumn Song 8/21/2007
1433. Waiting For Rime Mirrors 8/21/2007
1434. Calm In The Dim Night 8/21/2007
1435. Desires 8/22/2007
1436. Still Singing Grass The Ordinary Way 8/22/2007
1437. August Songs 8/22/2007
1438. Sonnet 168, The Wandering Night 6/16/2007
1439. The Magic Of The Poem 6/16/2007
1440. All The World Is Looking 6/16/2007
Best Poem of Peter S. Quinn

Sad In Blue (A Lyric)

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
The night is all dark out side
Nowhere to run
Sad sad sad in blue

Into the night hold me tight
Love me babe I need some light
What's wrong and what's right
When shadows dwell and abide

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
Is there some star shoot in sight
To wish upon
For sad sad sad you

Into the night take a flight
Feelings, touch, everything out sight
Love me with feelings ok
Come come babe now closer ...

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The Spirit Of The Earth

The spirit of the earth, - the summer song
The soul that is blazing like the new dawn,
Into the sky blue far under the yawn
When moods come together after night long;
River of fellings and colors so strong
Drop away shadows that were on the lawn,
Drive up the spirit that from a wing spawn
Where voices of earth gave a joyous tong.

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