Peter Shea

Biography of Peter Shea

'I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.' - Edgar Allan Poe. ~~~

We are on a journey and on that journey many with cross our path. The old saying is 'some for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime.' I have always believed that many are for a lifetime for they travel with us in either our heart, soul or our mind. There are lessons all along the way. Once we learn one - another will follow. You and I are all sharing in the same classroom - we call life. I think of it as - we are all studying together. Life school is funny. We must take the test and then we learn the lesson.~~~ It is the nature of the universe to nurture with mystery, giving birth to synchronicity, and the magick of the looking glass. You and I make choices that impact the path of the pendulum or have the power to tilt the windmill. How cool is that? We, you and I, can help up or push down - the choice is ours.~~~ We chose to reveal ourselves for all to see - fearless, on fire to make the world we live in better in some way. We choose nakedness - We choose to write- Namaste

Maxene, a poetess friend shared this with me and I with you the following... Form Shea - A new form of poetry, written in english which encorporates a Japanese zen-like quality seen as serving a universal purpose befriending mankind on a universal level understood by all through the imagery of words by metaphor (such as falling leaves from a tree or both individual and/or collective waterdrops forming waterfall metaphorically leading to rivers and then oceans of thoughts and reflections) as originated by Peter (pshea) Updates

~~setting For One~

Hot water splashing, over food-soiled dishes, like dirty dancing
Water lapping, pooling along the gritty face of corning ware
Forks, knives and spoons drowning - water advancing
This chore intimate, warm – wet, my nightly affair
I could use paper plates – no, that’s a soggy hell
But then no need for Joy Liquid, my nightly cologne
I prefer the upscale squeaky clean of Corelle
One plate, glass, fork, knife, and spoon – each bathes alone

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