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  • Vishal Sharma Vishal Sharma (11/9/2015 4:16:00 AM)

    your love poems are upto eternity

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  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:10:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Ally Davies (1/7/2014 8:32:00 PM)

    Depth in simplicity. A rare gift.

  • Gaivota Gaivota (9/12/2009 4:19:00 PM)

    Thank you for this heartfelt poetry... amazing...

  • Anjali Sinha (7/23/2009 7:58:00 AM)

    Hey Peter,

    Nice to see you back here.
    love anjali

  • Poet Hunter (6/24/2009 6:09:00 PM)

    Your poetry is in a league of its own.

  • David Harry (3/24/2009 2:11:00 PM)

    Mr. Stavropoulos, your poems continue to impart a wisdom that few people will ever achieve. Today, I discovered the poem, 'She, ' and it literally took my breath away.

    I recently discovered that my wife, the woman of my dreams, has been in one way or another around me since I was 13 years old! First, one of her school friends was the girlfriend of my best friend! Second, her Great Aunt almost enrolled her in my elementary school! And third, she went to a community college less than 5 minutes from where I grew up. When I read your poem, I was like, 'That kind of Love, that kind of destined Love that God lovingly prepares for us is real! ' I have experienced it first had.

    You are an amazing poet and I hope you consider writing a book one day. My all-time favorite poem from PoemHunter is 'The Certainty is You.' I love it! My wife of 5 years is now a fan of yours too. Don't ever stop writing. As long as God gives you breath to breathe keep writing!

  • Umbelina Linhares Pimenta Frota Bastos (12/1/2008 7:41:00 PM)

    Hi Peter! I just start to published my poems in this site! I would be very happy if you read and comment some of them. Your job are excellent! Well done.

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (10/31/2008 8:02:00 AM)

    your poems are amazing devastating and passionate

  • Anjali Sinha (9/19/2008 9:44:00 PM)

    hey Peter,
    Im glad I chanced on you.You are
    really great. You deserve that No.1
    position, - and as someone else said--
    you are indeed those lingering
    drops of pure honey

Best Poem of Peter Stavropoulos (Best Love Poems)

...Love Was, Love Is, Love Will Be, Love Eternally

Love was.....

When 'if' lay between you and I
And 'never' seemed forever
I fell to earth in surrender
And you became the centre of my eye

Love is.....

When I pass by you accidentally
I grab a sense of your smile
When between us is distance measured by the mile
I grab a sense of our love immeasurably

Love will be.....

When I can no longer see to see
When I can no longer hear to hear
I know you will be near
Simply just you and me

Love eternally.....

When God granted us our wish finally
He put in us a throbbing ...

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.pleasure For Pleasure

Her hand is as soft as my touch
Her lips are as red as my heart
Nothing can compare as much
Pleasure for pleasure will surely start

Moments of madness end with Love
Kindness and compassion know not hypocrisy
In my mind's eye I see the Lord above
Pleasure for pleasure knows not jealousy

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