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Veteran Poet - 1,697 Points [STILLMAN.] (16th March 1952. / Hertfordshire)

Biography of Peter Vealey

Have some poems in Hertsviewpoint a mental health campaigning charity with personal interview /profile- March 2007. Also in recent Viewpoint winter 2008 with a link to my poetry paperback 'With authentic stains'- poem featured in Viewpoint magazine is 'The new religion''. Also have 73 different poems on this site here right now in 2017.
Also 2 poems in Poetry-Express 25 and 26 editions published by These editions came out in late 2007 and 26 comes out in April 2008. Also featured with as poet of the month with 'Daddy Longlegs', also in edition 26 of Poetry-Express. Have 2 poems available now and included in Poetry Express 28 for this winter edition also, out free in PDF Format in December 2008 to download freely available to anyone.(Also new update!) -have poems in editions 29 and 30 and 31,32 in 2009 of Also have another poem in 2011 edition 35 in 'Just another suicide song'.This also has a link to my first published paperback-'WITH AUTHENTIC STAINS'- with a review of my book in 2009 on Survivorspoetrycom website(see Roy Birch a favourable review of my book in edition 31.) Available online with Chipmunka, Amazon, etc. Also published in 2010 in 'Pendulum' a mental health bi-polar magazine.

Peter Vealey's Works:

An e- book of my poems, called 'With authentic stains' about mental health issues and my personal life journey and recovery, has now been published on January 10th 2008, with Chipmunka, the only mental health publishing company in the world. My paperback published and available by Chipmunka is out now-'WITH AUTHENTIC STAINS' with more about key themes, dates of poems, more content and surreal art work and scenery and personal photos through 37 years of my poetry and life`s up`s and downs.You can get it online free as an e-book. It can be bought online at Amazon, Chipmunka, as well as other book shops, etc. Also a poem from my book is to be featured in Viewpoint available to see online a Hertfordshire mental health charity in November 2008. The poem is called 'The new religion'. featured in VIEWPOINT, a mentaL health charity, in their next newsletter in early 2009.. 'My new political/ environmental/ humanitarian poetry book called 'Particular' is now out to buy/sample as an e-book with Chipmunka from end of July 2010 for £5, with new Paperback out now in May 2011 for £12 with a poem to sample. My first book called 'With Authentic Stains'is now free to download as an e-book on Chipmunka Publishing online.Also my first book is available now in a kindle edition for £5.15 My new Paperback 'Particular' is available now also online with Amazon for £10 with 5 EXCELLENT reviews to view freely and also published by Chipmunka, etc.60 poems about the state of humanity. Also available, now as an e-book and in Kindle format for £5.15. A review has been be posted on of 'Particular' in late 2011 by the Editor Dave Russell. A new poem in 'PENDULUM'-A BI-POLAR MAGAZINE IN WINTER 2011, called 'Little Ripples'. My new Paperback 'Particular' with the poem called 'Neighbours'is to be featured in the up-coming edition of VIEWPOINT, the Hertfordshire based mental health charities` QUARTERLY MAGAZINE IN SPRING 2012. Also featuring in the present edition of RETHINK national quarterly magazine 'Your Voice' in Spring 2012 with a poem called 'LOSING THINGS' as their STAR POEM. Also PUBLISHED in summer 2012 in Guideposts newsletter Also known as the N.W.HERTS NEWSLETTER- two poems including 'Little Ripples'. Also have a poem featured in Pendulum, a bi-polar magazine this winter 2012/2013 called 'Mediocrity or Purpose Divine. Also submitted poem for RETHINK NATIONAL MAGAZINE 'YOUR VOICE' which is to be published in December 2012 the poem is 'Losing Things'.Two poems of mine are in SPRING 2013 IN 'GUIDEPOSTS' called
'Love springs' and Mediocrity and Purpose Divine'.Have recently had some lyrics put on SOUNDCLOUD now 18th July 2013 via a musical collaboration with Steve Boyle a very talented musician from Harlow, Essex. My lyric is called 'Long way from yesterday'. Originally a motown tribute lyric written with Marvin Gaye in mind, but performed brilliantly by Steve in acoustic genre. Make up your own mind by listening to it on Steve Boyle music in Soundcloud. Also to be featured on You Tube via his music site, with more collaborations to come. If you like my poems you may enjoy them with Steve Boyle`s creative musical genius available free online now AUGUST 2015. Check it out! and now another of my poems/lyrics called ' IMAGE IS ALL ' can NOW be heard on his music site on YOU TUBE. Written with a Bowie song/feel in mind again Steve has produced a very commercial pop/punk single! I now have 9 lyric /song collaborations with Steve Boyle on 'Soundcloud' and 'Youtube' and an American music site called 'Reverbnation' with further songs with my lyrics called 'Drifting Boy' and 'You are what you are' on those internet sites free to listen to! Plus more song/ lyrics like 'Lounge Lizard'. Also will put some new poems on poemhunter here soon. Am hoping to be in various mental health publications such as Rethink, Pendulum, Guideposts, Viewpoint in future magazine editions.Also planning more lyrical music collaborations with Steve Boyle in future, such as " Rock`n Roll Honey" , " Long way from yesterday" . Received a national poetry award in November 2014, with 'Rethink' the National Mental Health Charity, called The Bill Pringle Award for Poetry 2014.The poem is called 'Losing Things' and is featured among my poems in my new poetry paperback out in the next WEEK mid august 2015! published by Chipmunka. My third Paperback out now called " Poetry and Assorted Pieces of Clothing" . Updates

Friday's Dues.

I was in a dark place,
On a friday night.
Raining hard on the sky.
-Grey world!
Long way from carefree times.
I was in a dark place,
Looking for an answer.
Being run out of town
By men in white suits

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